I think the Doctors Without Borders crowd need to shut the fuck up! Although I can relate that it is tragic to lose friends and doubly tragic that a civilian population suffers the loss of a hospital there is something to be said about “living” within a war zone.

Colateral damage is a callous term but not without credibility. That people should take the Talibans side and presume zero combat operations were happening in the vicinity of the facility is laughable. It is also to be noted that the facility and staff has previously helped insurgents and that the hospital and MSF folks have a negative history with the Afghan government and army.

MSF calls for an investigation of a war crime. I say STFU and embrace the reality that your chosen career path is one of immense danger and is solely your responsibility.


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  1. jonolan says:

    Given how “infrastructure” works in that part of Afghanistan, it’s reasonable to say that, aside from infants, there are no civilians to class as collateral damage in the first place. They all provide needed support services to the fighters.

    War, insurgency, and terrorism are cottage industries in that place and have been so for thousands of years.

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