If you stand with Israel you…

Might find yourself standing alone.

As a rule if there is one thing that can be said of Israel it is that it stands for itself,first and always. This isn’t a bad thing. How could I say it is? I can’t since I do believe Sovereignty Matters!

Might be a GOP candidate,especially a presidential one.

It seems the GOP has made its own Ten Commandments and this is one of the top 5 for sure. Its stupid,myopic and indicative of a candidates failing to deserve your support but it is written in stone as it were.

May or may not be on Ann Coulters Christmas card list.

I haven’t figured out if she wants GOPers to campaign on fresher issues or wants folks not to hear the tired overdone line. Either way come December and check your mailbox.



  1. thorsaurus says:

    Alfie, I think she wants them to use their time more wisely. She wants them to talk about the issues that separate repubs from dems. I myself see no benefit from these red meat discussions. Perhaps it is a safe approach for the front runner, but not for the rest of the crowd trying to catch the front runner. Of course, the dynamics of a primary debate are much different than the a debate between presidential candidates from opposing parties.

  2. jonolan says:

    If you don’t stand with Israel, you stand outside the pale of human consciousness. There is what is right and there are those who don’t stand with Israel. The latter deserve whatever we can arrange for them.

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