Russia initiates the right response on Syria….



I don’t like Putin and that is an understatement. Russia is guilty of crimes against humanity secondary to its antics in Ukraine,Moldavia and Georgia. That said Moscow is clearly taking the correct tack on Syria.

The Russians have started to send weapons and at a minimum “advisers” to the war ravaged nation. It is also redpissstarting to pump in actual humanitarian aid via airlifts circa the Berlin Airlift. Russia has always supported the Assad government and are now linked with Tehran in trying to help,albeit with their own aims in mind.

The USA on the other hand has continued to play the weak hand. After the appalling “red lines” episodes the Obama Administration has settled on a loose coalition of scrubs dedicated to the destruction of ISIL. The problems with this plan are legion. A few of these are:

Most of the coalition are immovable on the point that Assad must go.

This is unachievable in light of Assad having strong friends and any and all alternatives having NEVER existed,at least not on the timeline reality has imposed.

ISIL is an easy target but not one the international community seems truly committed to do anything about.

These f@#$ers occupy actual cities,o.k.,they are not invisible. They are equally not going anywhere unless you put boot forces in front of them. The Iranians and Kurds have proven this. Where the hell is the coalition on this?

Aylan-Kurdi1The humanitarian plight has blinded us.

The refugee crisis is all the rage now and I can appreciate it being the shiniest object in the shop right now. Still it is a distraction fraught with pitfalls for everyone especially the countries of Syria and Iraq.

The cure for Syria and the fallout issues that are flowing from it is more along the lines of what Russia and Iran is bringing to the table.

The USA should dramatically reverse its current course and implement the following.

Continue financial and logistical aid to regional nations being impacted by refugees. (Jordan,Turkey etc.)

Declare Assad the recognized leader of Syria and call for an end of hostilities.

Repeat the nations position on ISIL and commit to the destruction of the group,its followers and supporters. This calls for continued US military operations as well as a requirement for regional allies to step up considerably. 

Reassert that the US immigration policy will no longer prioritize refugee/asylum applicants over the needs of the US security and sovereignty.




  1. thorsaurus says:

    “Still it is a distraction fraught with pitfalls for everyone especially the countries of Syria and Iraq.”

    What do you mean by this , Alfie? Are you saying we will be more concerned about the refugees than defeating ISIL?

  2. Alfie says:

    @thor I think it pretty obvious we are pretty limited in the degree we are fighting ISIL. The refugee/humanitarian crisis that has roots in ISIL is getting the most attention from everyone. 7 million displaced Syrians alone but folks t like the UN fail to act on the causative agent ! They’re treating the outcome and with a bandaid at that!
    Hope that helps to clarify.

  3. The John Liming Report says:

    I fear that with our Military spread out into a minimum of 132 different countries we are going to be playing a lot weaker hand as time goes on.

    I am appalled to discover that America only has two working ice breakers in the Arctic and Russia is said to have more than 40.

    I can only imagine what the U.S. deficit in other logistical hardware might be but I am sure it is enough to be ashamed of.

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