The Boston Pee Party

Boston MA

The Leader brothers of South Boston are in jail for beating and urinating on a homeless man who hails from Mexico and is of unknown alien status. The Southie duo are reported to have said “Trump is right,all these illegals need to be deported”. This is of course why this story is news. It is why the Huffington Post has the audacity to lie about what Trump said even though they link to the Boston Herald article that has exactly what Trump said. It is why the Boston Globe is carrying this story like it is a pressing matter of international concern. This is played out since the Mexican Consulate has had the gall to say they’ll be monitoring this case and making sure the US taxpayer does right but the Mexican that was beaten and pissed on.

The sadness angles of this story are unrelenting and numerous. Some include:

  1. The popular press refusal to disclose the victims status. The safest assumption is that he is illegal.
  2. The Leader brothers help to perpetuate the legacy of South Boston as a neanderthal breeding ground. People will buy into the fact that the two scumbags are indeed from Southie,they’ll disengage that residents lead police to them.
  3. Trump gets a bump. He made a solid statement on it,got press and can play with the free exposure.
  4. People who don’t give a damn about Trump or politics in general are given another dose of media collusion and agenda.
  5. A human being got beat up and pissed on for sleeping on a sidewalk near a T station. (T= Boston’smass transit system). Homelessness is an issue that need not exist.