Planned Parenthood has a Plan….trust me


The nation is a buzz over the evidence showing certain Planned Parenthood chapters selling post abortion body parts. They call it tissue but that is how they are able to fall asleep at night.Although there are in fact state and federal laws that allows and regulates the “body parts” sales it is rather gruesome to see how shallow and callous some of the PP types are about it.

This weekend saw 300+ demonstrations across the country consisting predominantly of the Bible thumping crowd. The usual suspects set up outside Planned Parenthood locations nationwide as well as various state capitols. They are really feeling their oats as they truly believe they have the upper hand with the new revelations.

Planned Parenthood IS AN ABORTION MILL! We need to come to an understanding that contrary to their slick book-keeping practices PP is first and foremost a provider of abortions and contraception services. The health screening services they provide are overwhelmingly tied to the primary area of abortion. That is where the slick book-keeping comes in. Not all PP locations provide abortions. This is a fact that doesn’t fully clear the charge that abortion is a primary service. One other undeniable fact is that PP provides service people want. There are no laws or roving bands of evil abortionists trawling and forcing women to enter the clinics.

Planned Parenthood has a plan and has allies actively engaged in winning this latest kerfuffle. Various state agencies and state Attorney Generals have entered the fray. For the most part the local PP franchises,referred to as leagues,chapters etc. are being officially investigated and cleansed of the stain from the select locales that sell parts. In MA for example the clinics do not sell or donate “tissue”. They have been found by the gushing AG Healey to be in full compliance of state law. In SC the two locations are also found to not be parts sellers. In fact only one of the two locations in the Palmetto state actually provides abortion services.

Planned Parenthood,abortion and a large slice of the American public will be the winners of this fight. The GOP,Christians and assorted other folks are losers.



  1. When I looked at abortion rates worldwide, I was shocked to discover that the U.S. was listed 30th out of 101 countries studied. However, it really was not good news after all. Of all the modern, technologically advanced nations, we were actually fourth in line after Russia, China and Sweden. I think it is indicative of how “uncivilized” we really are as a society. Our culture of capitalism has created a vast market of individuals who can slaughter and dismember human babies because it is profitable.

  2. Alfie says:

    @gringaofthebarrio, thanks for stopping in and adding a comment.

  3. Rutherford says:

    Alfie I think you came just short of editorial. How do you feel about PP winning the battle? Should the “market” prevail? You’ve presented a matter of fact assessment of where things stand but I’m not entirely sure how you feel about it.

    Will we see a gov shutdown over this issue?

  4. Alfie says:

    My personal feelings are left out by a large degree for a reason;however,I felt this made some conclusions clear.

    Planned Parenthood,abortion and a large slice of the American public will be the winners of this fight. The GOP,Christians and assorted other folks are losers

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Rutherford says:

    Some are threatening a government shutdown over funding PP. You see this happening?

  6. Alfie says:

    I don’t think that is a winning plan. I think PP has a plan to survive this.

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