Back to the Planet of the A.P.E.S.

appleEvery couple of school years something comes up that makes me don the armor once more and charge. The 2015-16 school year has not failed to fire the first shot and therefore once more into the breach I go.

Previous charges have required me to remind the school district of various MA General Laws regarding sex education,hygiene,health and suicide prevention guidelines. All too often the pre packaged agenda dripping programs the public schools purchase are the primary reason I raise my objections. My children are well armed regards sex education,personal hygiene and self worth education. I am proud of my work as a parent and am confident my kids are more than prepared for the realities of the world. In fact I have had the sad opportunity to witness that my kids are in fact better prepared than some of their peers.

The 2015/16 school year has found me rising against a ridiculous project/additional text kind of thing within the history program. As a bit of background let me explain a key point of the friction. I tolerate summer reading assignments primarily because my kids are avid readers and our home library more often than not holds the required text. When it doesn’t we have the public library and if that fails there is always a selection of books that allow parent and child to find the best of the bunch. I actually applaud some of the more progressive books that have been on the lists. Books such as Speak are railed against by knee jerk pseudo conservatives desiring orgasmic book bans & burns. We found it powerful and important and readily confess it might not have been found if not included among other selections.

This year the history department has decided to get into the act and are requiring the students to read Howard Zinn’s A Young People’s History of the United States. This is unacceptable on many levels and I have launched my counteroffensive with vigor.

APES.jpegHoward Zinn was a leftist scumbag who contrary to his pathetic proponents claims has had the best impact on society beginning in 2010 when his remains started fertilizing the earth. Hailing from Boston University Zinn was of the radical school of history.What this really means is he devolved from being anything resembling an objective historian and became an agenda shill. Zinn’s m.o. is to take anything a rich white person did and demonize it. He is expert in fabrication of “personal insights” of “the People’s”. His book garnered fame and him fortune secondary to American haters thrusting it into the academic lexicon. Hollywood douchebags Damon and Affleck helped further by adapting Zinns work into The People Speak as well as inserting a zinger in the movie Good Will Hunting.

The school was very open to me acquiring another book and having my child perform the required tasks. This came after a tirade from my end about how US textbooks are in such a sorry state of affairs anyway perhaps the school should actually pursue an objective view on US History. I listed a number of books on both ends of the bias spectrum that could be used and pointed out how this was stupidity incarnate,wasting precious time the students don’t really have. The foot was put down firmly by the school teacher and department head.

cropped-theman2.jpgYeah, that didn’t go over to well with Alfie. I dug a little deeper and continued a short dialog with the teacher. It then became quite clear that the teacher was a “Zinner” and had every intention of relying upon the book throughout the year. A quick search of the public library system that serves my family found that there were four titles of the text available ergo the only way for 100 kids to have this book was to buy it. GOTCHA! My foot was now in play and I drove it straight into the crotches of the school staff.

MGL Chapter 71 Section 48.
Section 48. The principal at each school, subject to the direction of the superintendent, shall, at the expense of the school district, purchase textbooks and other school supplies, and consistent with the district policy, shall loan them to the pupils attending such school free of charge. If instruction is given in the manual and domestic arts, the principal may so purchase and loan the necessary tools, implements and materials. The principal shall also, at like expense, procure such apparatus, reference books and other means of illustration, as may be needed. Said purchases shall be made in accordance with chapter thirty B and within the purchasing guidelines adopted by the municipality where such purchases are made if such guidelines exist.
So basically if the school continues to push the issue I have the state DoE taking them to court. Win=Alfie.
Our public schools are at a disadvantage for many reasons and this leaves our children and society in a bad place. Still schools are not meant to be bullies or substitutes to parents. Above all they can’t violate laws secondary to budget or moral shortfalls.
Teaching is a noble and questionably unenviable profession. Education is an important component to a properly functioning democracy and a cohesive society.
Right is right though and even today still prevails. God Bless America.


  1. Rutherford says:

    On a side note my daughter’s public school is nickel and diming me all the time. I wish Illinois had a statute similar to the MA one you quoted here.

  2. Alfie says:

    I think myself and some of the folks on Beacon Hill are the only ones who know of this statute. The schools here have all sorts of lists of “required” materials. Prior to this I always pretty much used their requirements as guidelines to things my kids would need to work the school year. One silly example was a teacher demanding three ring binders and even grading kids on them. My kid’s back pack was all ready too full so he wanted to go notebook and folder route. Teacher said no,Alfie said yes,department head said yes kid used no binders and aced class.
    I found this statute for bigger reasons and it was because they were obviously trying to get an additional textbook into the school. I’m a highly principled pain in the ass kind of guy.

  3. americanliberaltimes says:

    Are we all glad that these kinds of primates never succeeded in obtaining Second Amendment Rights? — oh wait! Maybe some of them did after all.

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