Happy Birthday America,Your Gift is Irony


This July 4th one item that is gnawing at me is how true the title of this post is. I find this to be especially so in the right-wing corners of my life where the ironic truth screams loudly at the jingoists.

You don’t have to enter the Twilight Zone to appreciate that for the most part the USA is one loopy bitch.

Founded by a mere handful of near 1% ‘ers who fiendishly manipulated the masses the USA has constantly turned hypocrite throughout its history. Folks that think we’ve fallen to lopsided oligarchy only in the 21st Century just haven’t been paying attention. People who think we were more enlightened anywhere along our national timeline than any other point are equally amnesic at best.

Today we mark our independence from the Crown. The irony is we really just switched governments that we are dependent upon. This point is one I can say is more true recently than before but not by much.

In living the fallacy of American Exceptionalism we’ve dismissed far too much reality. Don’t get me wrong I think this mutt of a nation is actually pretty great. I just don’t think it is without its fleas and warts.

Americans are today as much if not more dependent on their government than the colonists were. That is a fact!