As provocative as the post title is I think we need to stop the lies if we’re ever going to work out the serious problems of race relations in the USA.

I can be relied upon to enter into intelligent discourse over race,in fact I welcome it. To deny racism exists on an individual and institutional level in the USA is to show ones ignorance.

These points aside there is an aspect of our discussion on race that is equally ignorant. Perfect examples of this have surfaced on social media after the shooting at the Charleston SC Emmanuel AME Church. In an attempt to draw biting comparisons of race and law enforcement some of America’s smartest have offered up this:


The white man in question is of course Dylan Storm Roof who as the punk ass that he is complied all day long when confronted by law enforcement. He also didn’t even think about costing North Carolina or South Carolina tax payers money by fighting extradition. He changed into his inmate clothes and got on the plane.

The other image is Eric Gardner of Staten Island NYC fame. He resisted all day long and played a key role in the escalation of the confrontation that lead to his death. Had cig-man simply packed up and walked away he’d likely be on another street corner selling loosies.

To put forth that the only way a person of color is ever apprehended is heavy-handed brutality is such a lie that it not only cheapens police but people of color as well. People who think they have reached an intellectual plateau of awesomeness are in fact total assholes when lying at this level.

Another image which is supposed to be poignant but is poo instead is this:


I have no doubt Mr Peters is part of a group that would be up in arms over any police shooting but in this case he gets to hide like the lying pussy he is. He superficially presents imagery to illicit emotional response and well Jerrad you’re surely getting one from me. Roof is a sick fuck in my book. Sick,not crazy and deserving the full weight of the law and justice system,including beatings and rape in the SC penal system. Again though the reality of compliance and police professionalism is lost for a cheap shot at race baiting and hate mongering. The shooting of Tamir Rice is a tragic offshoot of a society that has lost most of its innocence. The thinking that nobody lighter in skin tone than Rice has  never had their life cut short by a police officer is insanity though.

Deeper into the MSM and social media piles it is easy to find debates about word choices and the power of those choices. Whether Root should be called crazy or evil is all the rage. Is Root a terrorist or just a murderer? If so why? Why isn’t DS Root called a thug? The lies just stack up like wood on this one and few if any are looking hard enough at realities. President Obama has even jumped in2thefray to push for more gun control at a time when the investigation is far from over and the bodies are still on slabs in the morgue.

Superficial prattle about any headline event is dangerous but that doesn’t seem to bother enough of the populace to change the practice. Social media platforms have become too powerful in spreading misinformation and stoking fear and hate. All together the American people have become lazy and stupid and thoroughly incapable of guarding the Republic.

I’ll have further posts on Roof and racism but I really had to get this one out of my head. Do black lives matter? Of course all lives matter but the truth matters most. If we’re to ever have an honest discussion on and a set of solutions for racism in the USA we’re going to have to stop the lying.



  1. jonolan says:

    No, To claim racism exists on an individual and institutional level in the USA is to show ones ignorance, at least if one claims that it exists in any statistically notably level among Whites. Blacks, however, are likely another story.

    I say this because it’s not about race. It’s about culture. The Blacks, largely “thanks” to the end of segregation, have built themselves a culture that is deliberately as different from- and antithetical to normative American culture as they could and, hence, it’s no surprise or fault of America for them to have sub-par outcomes or to be despised by the citizens of the nation whose borders they live within.

  2. Alfie says:

    Individual racism which covers a spectrum from prejudice to violence is real and something I believe is found with all races. Institutional racism which includes acts in an institutional setting secondary to the individuals that make up the institution as well as innate racism developed by a commercial sector etc is also very real. Redlining was a reality!
    Other than that I guess I can accept that black culture is indeed something fostered and condoned by many blacks to cause and accept themselves.

  3. jonolan says:

    And that’s still part of the problem. Too many, yourself included, speak of effects and just make the assumption that the causes of those effects is raced-based as opposed to culture-based or, in the case of redlining, just solid economic practice – it sometimes was and is so.

    Face it, if it wasn’t cultural as opposed to racial, we wouldn’t hear phrases like: Oreo, Uncle Thom, Sell Out, beeing too White, Code Switching, or Wigger. We also wouldn’t have the number of successful Blacks who are fully or largely accepted by America because they “immigrated” and assimilated.

  4. Alfie says:

    Sorry but to call redlining solid economic practice is just a bridge too far. Otherwise I am not in disagreement with you regards culture being a powerful issue.
    For the record I don’t find Ferguson or Baltimore riots to be logical outcomes of racial oppress. There is a definite cultural and racist aspect to the ability to rampage through a community burning,looting and committing battery.

  5. jonolan says:

    Sometimes what is redlining is just solid economic practices but there’s rarely a distinction made. E.g., As it is proven through countless actuarial charts that Black default on loans more often than non-Blacks, it’s a solid economic practice to loan to them less often and to charge higher interest rates. That’s not racism, that’s simple economics and business sense.

  6. Alfie says:

    Redlining and the resulting practice of block busting was designed to profit off of peoples prejudices and to target people based on a racial basis.
    Redlining as initiated by the federal government was totally short-sighted and clearly racist. The red districts were broad brushed paying no respect to those who were paying and maintaining property. You push people into blighted areas and then punish them for being there quite simply is more than economics at play.

  7. The John Liming Report says:

    Race relations in America have not been worked out since the first slave landed on these shores and it is unlikely they will be worked out for generations yet to come.

  8. Alfie says:

    John race relations have definitely had the whole ups&downs thing going for it. They would probably improve faster and firmer if the races were allowed to interact & engage via unforced means.

  9. The John Liming Report says:

    After all the mess that happened during the Civil Rights strife of the 1950s and 60s, I still have to be convinced that the races would ever voluntarily interact for any positive purpose. The races seem to me to have always been at odds with one another in America — especially the African/Americans and The Caucasian Traditionalists. Of course by the same token I have always maintained that no one can legislate love or tolerance so even though the Civil Rights law was passed what does it mean in practical application …. especially with those who want to hang onto the past? —- I am thinking the “Race” thing is not subject to resolution.

  10. Huck says:

    I have also noticed these false equivalencies, Alfie. Roof surrendered without incident. He did not resist arrest. He did not produce a weapon or anything resembling one.

    Baiters gonna bait.

  11. Alfie says:

    Baiters gonna bait, catchy and too true. Thanks for stopping by.

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