History is still talking,are we still listening?

This is one of those just type the thought out kind of post. I am a huge proponent of the importance of history and there are so many events unfolding that begs the titles question.

Europe and Russia are running along lines that are replete with historical references.

Yemen is offering history lessons from multiple centuries but I personally am fixed on the 20th Century chapter.

The continent of Africa offers a basket full of events and issues.

Whether you look at the Mediterranean Sea,the Persian Gulf,the Gulf of Aden,the Indian Ocean or the Pacific with a focus on the South China Sea you just have to be having an Alfred Thayer Mahan moment.






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  1. jonolan says:

    Are we still listening? We’re listening just as well as any of the preceding generations have listened to history. In other words, no, we’re not listening at all.

    Face it, when two POTUS’s in a row – though mostly Obama – couldn’t listen to late 20th Century history enough to NOT fight a ground war in Asia while leaving the enemy easy to reach safe zones in neighboring countries, there’s not much rational hope that anyone will listen to “voices” even more attenuated by time.

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