Crazy History Begs the Question…

The Royal Navy has established an effective blockade of all American ports along that nations eastern coast. Westminster has stated the purpose of the blockade is to assure international standards of trade are maintained.

A joint strike force of Spanish and English peacekeepers continued their actions through Florida and into Georgia today in the continuing effort to bring stability and legitimacy back to the United States of America.

President Lincoln has stated that although he appreciates the ongoing international efforts to bring peace to the region “the recent incursions of Empire troops into the United States via Canada is a brazen intrusion on our national sovereignty”.

In a related statement the rebel Confederate leader Jefferson Davis has called London “the pompous puppet masters  of false morality”. Davis’s comment is seen as a ploy to point out England’s hypocrisy over slave labor and to illustrate that London through its powerful navy dictates Washington’s policies. 

There was a time in history when nations allowed other nations to experience Civil War.



  1. jonolan says:

    Not really or only sort of…in that those times that allowed it were based more on either a lack of interest in the outcome, a lack or resources to meaningfully intervene (US Civil War), or choosing instead to profit off of loans to the combatants.

  2. Alfie says:

    All good points and the 1930’s saw an example of how countries interfere aggressively ala Spain.
    Still I wrote this tongue in cheek article primarily because I think we’re going down wrong paths in the Middle East. I personally don’t care if Yemen segments again and I disagree with how Syria rolled.
    Not only in writing but also world view I guess I am no Hemingway or Orwell. 🙂

  3. jonolan says:

    Yeah, remember that in 16th Century the Ottomans said, “Yemen is a land with no lord, an empty province. It would be not only possible but easy to capture, and should it be captured, it would be master of the lands of India and send every year a great amount of gold and jewels to Constantinople.”

    So the invaded. Shortly after that their general said, “We have seen no foundry like Yemen for our soldiers. Each time we have sent an expeditionary force there, it has melted away like salt dissolved in water.” That was after losing approx 71,000 of the 80,000 troops they sent in.

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