#letter4u is a farce…

iranflag.jpegSo waiting for a table at a restaurant last night I found myself scrolling through Twitter. I found via the BBC a retweet fest rooted in Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khomeini Letter 4U campaign that looks to demonize the West and call upon the youth of the West to get into touch with Islam and the evils of the West yadda yadda……

The campaign was originally prompted (allegedly) from backlashes from the Charlie Hebod killings. An assertion of epochal inane proportions if you ask me since as this image clearly explains there are bigger issues with Islam:


Contrary to Khomeini’s pompous assertions the West has overall been very good to Islam stressing how it is a religion of peace and how those targeting us and being targeted by us are not islamic.

Sovereign states have policies and actions that are far from points of pride. I would advise the Ayatollah and his western lemmings however to abide by some old sayings.

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones

 About the images….

#1. A portion of a a pictograph explaining the procedure of stoning. This is still practiced in Iran

#2. An Iranian policeman with rather unique riot control assets.

#3. Iranian police firing tear gas at protesters in Tehran.

#4.Iranian police and Basij beating protesters.

#5-8. These are examples of Irans public hanging policy. Ardent supporters of capital punishment Iran hangs people for crimes such as murder,robbery,drug dealing and being gay. This is not a full list of course.

#9. The doors of a Christian Church closed by the government. The pastor was sent to prison. See PDF for more on persecution here

#10. Not on you Iran but since you prattle on about Islam this is a road sign instructing non-Muslims on the proper road to drive on. YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED IN MECCA!

Bottom line ANYONE gobbling up the Letter4U goo is a dishonest moron.



  1. jonolan says:

    ROFLMAO Oh no. People SHOULD get their information on Islam from primary sources as those are the exact sources that cause Muslims to be subhuman vermin, fit only for extermination.

  2. Huck says:

    Sounds like someone has the “final solution”

  3. jonolan says:

    If you think that reference / innuendo would bother me, you’re sadly mistaken. I never saw any reason to shy from a course of action just because others previously used it against invalid targets.

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