Exhumation of a backbone…



Turkeys armed forces are considerable in size and capabilities;however, there is a number of indications that the Turks are afraid of at least one inferior entity…ISIL.

The recent operation by the Turkish Army into Syria to relieve the guard at the tomb of Suleyman Shah would have been far more impressive in my mind had they not destroyed it and moved Shah for the second time in his storied past. (previous relocation secondary to the creation of a reservoir)

ISIL forces which have a very strong presence in the area of the tomb had in fact surrounded the area and prevented the relief of the ceremonial guards. They had not out and out attacked it though and perhaps for superficial good cause. Ankara has pledged that any attack on the site is viewed as an attack on Turkey. This has international clout since by treaty the land was considered a recognized bit of Turkey.

As mentioned Turkish forces accessed the site without resistance and instead of taking a stand…they destroyed it and relocated Suleyman Shah to a location closer to the Turkish border.

My beef here is that in my mind Erdogan & Co. decided to waffle. THEY had put forth the ultimatum and set in place the potential consequences. I liked this idea,hell its the right position to take. Upon further review though Ankara recognized they had set a trap for themselves. They had created a very public obligation to respond if ISIL continued their blockade or escalated things with an actual attack. With this scenario very likely the Turks exhumed their spine and moved along giving ISIL a victory they simply don’t deserve.

Even though the Turks have recently committed to train Syrian rebels with the USA for the purpose of combating ISIL and others one can’t help but think they’re far from all in on the matter facing them.

Deflections of responsibility continue from Ankara over their porous border with Syria which has served as the international gateway for aspiring nut jobs,most recently the three teenage soon to be pregnant and beaten daily girls from the UK. When it comes to ISIL I don’t know what Turkey is thinking but they are being punked!

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  1. jonolan says:

    I think it’s less that they fear ISIS than that they fear their own people, many of whom would support ISIS given have the chance. And then there’s the fact that ISIS is fighting the Kurds which the Turkish government has spent many years painting as the enemy. And then there’s the fact that fighting ISIS strongly will be considered by many Turks as being a proxy for the US…and they don’t like us much more than they like the Kurds.

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