A birdie chirps about a shooting and society….

…and I’m hating it!

I have a hard time imagining the deaths of 23-year-old Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21, and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19,the three victims of the Chapel Hill shooting are to be seen as victims of anything but an unwarranted,undeserved tragedy.I see nothing that invokes any call they had done anything to provoke the action that caused their deaths.

With every passing day and release of meager details I find Craig Hicks to be little more than one of those festering sores on society that routinely fail to come to our attention until tragedy strikes.

That Hicks is white and the three victims Muslims seems to be the talking point folks want to focus on the most. This must have been a hate crime! I cannot agree with this assertion at this point in time and in truth I find the social media driven flurry of outrage such as #MuslimLivesMatter to cheapen the loss of life of three people just trying to live in the USA.

The “creator” of the hashtag has himself admitted to jumping to the conclusion that the incident was a hate crime to the BBC. Abed Ayou is involved in an agenda via a lobbying group that in the twisted way things play out in life must have been happy this shooting occurred.

The thought that Hicks is somehow fitting of the title of terrorist is absurd. He did something that indeed brought about a terrifying event his actions,like many nuts, fails to possess the element of a cause or goal. In the haze of headlines people question how the Paris shooters,the Kouchi brothers @ Charlie Hebod offices  and Amedy Coulibaly at Hyper Cacher are Muslim terrorists yet Hicks is not. The former had a goal and intent to achieve that goal secondary to their actions. The latter was hate filled nut case with nothing going for him. In fact about the only goal that could be linked between Hicks and the victims is if you call him an atheist terrorist.

An image that has been circulating for other reasons/events has been linked to the Chapel Hill shooting is symbolic of the sham that is shrouding any real dialog.


  1. Muslim Shooter: unfortunately has some credibility but that has a huge BUT connected to it. For example the Charlie Hebod shootings had clear ties to the fourth panel. What I mean by that is the classic application of “lone wolf” is tied to a higher cause. In the case of the events in Paris the higher cause was Islamist insanity.So lets be clear the billion plus are not guilty of the acts of a smaller group but have a stain attached the many needs to work on still.
  2. Black Shooter: this quite frankly a statement of fact and many blacks in America will tell you that. There are zero cases where a black guy with a gun in America is somehow a freedom fighter. Gangs are a terrible reality in the USA and a reality black Americans face daily all to often on the dangerous end of the gun too!
  3. Professional: This cheapens the concept of the discussion we’re supposed to be entering.I find this one to be an example of one agenda jumping onto anthers train. The recent cases of police shootings in the USA didn’t create any heroes. (Brown,Rice) As for soldiers the romance people put onto them isn’t the fault of the professional but the fucked up laymen and in some cases even more screwed up politicians.
  4. White Shooter: The lone wolf tag is falsely applied especially in aiming it at Hicks. If you find a white supremacist movement who has a fan that does something in support of their preaching,you got a case.You could call him an atheist terrorist as I stated earlier but he doesn’t seem to be claiming that. Ultimately no matter if its Hicks,Holmes,Hinckley,or Lanza these are not lone wolves,they’re nut jobs! Under no circumstances are their actions awesomeness.

The international uproar fueled by social media blatantly disregards how in any global locale the deaths of up to a half dozen humans can fail to register on the media radar. That is a sad fact of our collective reality. If you question that I’d ask you to go big and look at how Ebola has become a media yawner. If we’re truly interested in engaging in a conversation about our fellow human beings, violence, hate and the bevy of other social issues I’m all for it. Please lets not be twits about it though.