Still more news out of the French terrorist attacks…


Depending on what side of the fence you’re on all of the latest popular angles from Paris serve as something to talk about. In no particular order…

Frankie the freedom fighter

The Pope is an idiot and his mommy dresses him funny. Also many of his priests and bishops etc like to have sex with little kids,predominantly boys. The office of Pope is one of the least Christian jobs on the planet. He should really just go to an AIDS clinic or an Ebola hospital and sponge bath the stricken with his vestments and perhaps some pages from the Catechist.

Obviously I could go on and on and perhaps to make my point clearer I could get really raunchy and provocative.Bottom line….Shut Up Francis!

Freedom of speech,expression and thought is what makes us human,NOT the deity we pray to ! Take the freedom away and you don’t have a religion worthy of anything. The inanity and vanity that Frankie shows in his ridiculous statement shows a lot of why he should be despised or at least ignored with high contempt. Frankie try bringing a certain publication (the Bible not Charlie Hebod) to Mecca and get back to me about freedom. I say this not as to strike a balance in any way but to point out Frankies idiocy. I think instead of commenting on restricting freedoms and making excuses for terrorists he should have hammered home how all people should find strength in the face of true adversity and cheap satire and find comfort in their respective faiths. He failed miserably.

The Muslim Paradox

Although I find it as being presented with a disingenuous vigor I do enjoy the news that presents police officer Ahmed Merabet and Mali immigrant Lassana Bathily.

Merabet is the police officer who was killed as he lay on the sidewalk. There is a huge side line to his story but the one I will speak on now is that he was a Muslim. I think it is very important in the environment of terror and jihadist nut bags to remember that a majority of Muslims are just get through the day folks like the rest of us. In some places and some times their day is a whole hell of a lot rougher than yours and mine too.This is true of many peoples around the globe btw. I think we will be saved too much in the way of researching how good of a Muslim Ahmed was and that’s fine. The brass tack fact is clear. He served all Parisians and on the fateful day he faced his death he did so with an appreciation of exactly what was unfolding.

Bathily is the Muslim employee of Hyper Cacher who lead seven of the hostages down to a walk in refrigerator unit and hid them. He then used his knowledge of the place and got out of the store himself and was debriefed by the police. He gave the police his key to the metal storefront blinds which was part of the raid. He’s no Schindler but it seems pretty clear he saw four people die and chose that at least eight others weren’t making that list. I take nothing away from Bathily although I do question how the hostages died. I think the early reports of the raid leading to their deaths regardless of whose bullets hit them had more credibility.

They call it your “melon” but it doesn’t act like one,honest.

Sadly the conspiracy humps are all over the Paris events pointing out their expert opinions and crazy ass statements of unquestionable fact. There are four topics of alleged “A-Ha” I wish to chime in on.

That the French are involved in military operations up to and including recently deploying their aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle to the ISIL theater of operations has been noted as part of a greater conspiracy. I don’t see where the Hollande government needed something to coax support from the populace. The De Gaulle was planned well before these events anyway and everything about the attacks has (as if they were conspirator/false flag) has been played that the domestic side of things is where the problem lies.

The Kouchi brothers leaving an i.d. card in one of the get a way cars etc is another hot item. People question the use of multiple get a way cars as if this is some novel out of line concept. It shows the ignorance of troofers looking to capitalize on what seems logical as opposed to what is. Europe is well known for CCTV coverage. We all know secondary to social media there are all types of possible opportunities to be captured on some type of camera. Stolen cars stand out in a state of emergency. Leaving a car causes resources to be used investigating it and the surrounding area thus affording you to get farther away and in an unknown direction by other means. Stealing the second car is something I’d give the douchebags but I’m not going to. As for the i.d. card. Well it’s a real bitch to be driving to your terror target and you get pulled over for running a stop sign and instead of getting a ticket you get arrested. It is proven time and again that terrorists will carry identification throughout most of an operation. About the only time they’d make it a point to not to have it on them is during the actual attack. To go down with identification on you is as a rule a negative since your brethren are unlikely capable of supporting your removal. I say this describes how the identification card of Said Kouchi came to be found. He didn’t have it inside Charlie Hebdo or on the street as he helped gun down Merabet. It was in the car and unlike the famed “one of them picked up their shoe but left an i.d. card?!?!” prattle it is easily explainable.

The last one and the one and the one they will forever embrace and sadly benefit from is the video footage of Ahmed Merabet being killed. He was shot with an AK-47 and his head didn’t explode! There was no blood or spatter seen on the sidewalk! Proof, proof, proof,…… bullshit!

Right out the gate the AK’s 7.62×39 round is indeed a powerful munition. As a rule it is a full metal jacket round and has a high velocity. As such it tends to go straight through its target with little if any yaw or distortion. The round in fact is known to have a ballistic pattern through humans that is very clean and minimal. It is well documented from Vietnam and the school shooting in Stockton CA in 1989 that barring major organ damage a wound from this round is highly survivable.

I can provide footage of three Yemenis with less than a 12 inch diameter pool of blood and intact craniums. I can provide video footage of a Brazilian SWAT sniper head shot that did not splatter anything on the wall beside the suspect and I can go on and on. I am providing a link to a pdf of the actual ballistics of the round here. The 7.62×39 at close range isn’t as cavity disrupting as people believe. It is prone to pass through and ricochet.

Life isn’t a video game and your head is not a watermelon! And oh yeah….there was blood see point A