Images Matter but People Matter more…




In light of some of the chatter both reality based as well as rhetoric based I have decided to post some of the more controversial images I have in my blogs gallery:

These cartoons are as follows:

The Charlie Hebdo toon titled “If Mohammed Returned” It shows an ISIL nut bag killing the Prophet.

The London Times piece that satirized Netanyahu and Israels oppression of Palestinians was roundly condemned by many and retraction and apologies complete.

The “Original” Mohammed pic that started the fire in the Netherlands.

My own creation of “Mopoo”.

Jesus as depicted in either a poorly edited or insane Indian textbook.

Another jibe by me at AIPAC and zionism in general. The irony that its photoshopped off a Nazi propaganda poster was intentional.




  1. Raji says:

    Feeling a bit brave are we? 😉

  2. Alfie says:

    LOL,it had to be done though. The discussion on the matter is multi-faceted and should not be silenced in any way shape or form. Even in my insignificant Valley of the web.
    Thanks for stopping by,feel free to do so any time.

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