Happy 2015…bwah ha ha….


Happy 2015

NYPD scaling back its operations which will clearly impact the minority community negatively since they are the majority victims of crime.

Happy 2015

The Left, so passionate about race except when it’s about them, have opened another page in attacking the next Congress by “unearthing” the Scalise (R-LA) campaign stop of 2002. Obviously they hope to maintain the image of the GOP being overtly racist.The hypocrisy and dishonesty of this story is just unbelievable.

Happy 2015

Russia has issued a policy doctrine update that views nuclear weapon use as a counter to nuclear weapon use as totally viable. Russia is currently expanding its military posture not only in the Black Sea region but the Baltic as well. I think there is reason to believe an unfortunate “accident” is coming in the New Year.

Happy 2015
Will it take less than a year for the Taliban to retake Afghanistan?

Happy 2015

The GOP midterm victories are likely to be squandered via infighting. The “Tea Party” types faux principles tantrums being a big issue.

Happy 2015

China and the neighbors are ramping up what at best is war posturing. The Asian theater is seeing a definite uptick in maritime arms race and territorial issues. There is a clear doctrine of access denial being embraced. This is happening for a number of reasons and will prove interesting in the New Year.

Happy 2015

The Imperial Presidency is set in stone and 2015 will see that stone left unturned,literally. One of the things that bother most about folks who attack the concept is that they seemingly fail to realize how much of the “emperors” actions live on after the Oval is handed over.

Obviously the devout cynic aka realist could go on and on but I have other stuff to do so let’s leave it here for now. Feel free to add to the list and of course….

Happy 2015





  1. Raji says:

    So Alfie is “Happy 2015” your take on the “glass half empty” concept?

    If the Scalise scandal is any example of what we can expect for 2015 from the politicians then I’m going to have to agree my glass is half empty also. Will this lead to “Obama/Rev Wright versus Scalise?

    Your predictions are beginning to sound like Nostradamus. 😉

  2. Alfie says:

    @ Raji more like the glass is laying shattered on the counter methinks.

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