Some thoughts as the New Year approaches…

1. The controversy brewing over Uber,Lyft and similar ride services and the concept of technology trying to enter the economy.

The controversy over ride services such a Uber and Lyft is all the rage and I’m in2 it too. The real issue in my opinion is how the status quo economy is out to stifle and even eliminate progressive entrepreneurial enterprises.

The taxi lobby is an insidious and highly connected political entity. The thought that somehow the average hack in any US metro is somehow to be seen as “professional” is insane. Most metropolitan areas in the States has to face the ridiculous monopoly of the hack license regime. What one of those little plates go for and how the system reams the drivers is unconscionable. This of course is part of what drove folks to embrace technology and create services like Uber and Lyft in the first place.

What will be next regards technological progress meets meat and potato economy? I know one thing if it flies in the face of Democrats,unions and flaks it will be pilloried.

2. When you boil it all down the proponents of this latest page in the “new” Civil Rights Movement are really trying to destroy something not improve it. One of the  points being pushed for more and more is the eradication of the proven “Broken Windows” policy. Opposition to “Broken Windows” policing is an old page from the American liberal handbook and it’s going to indiscriminately destroy if its embraced.

The policy of “Broken Windows” takes a hard stance on all crime but is somehow to be altered in light of cigarette man in NYC or “street artist” in Miami. The truth is the policy isn’t the flaw. 
3. Presidents and more importantly government totally impact the economy. Whether when it tries to tame it via regulation or let it run free via laissez faire government is intrinsically attached and owns wholly some of the outcomes.

If nothing else was true of my thesis the fact that the greater economy at a minimum responds to government actions and that those responses in themselves then cause further reactions is all that needs to be said.
4. The closing acts of the sitting Congress and the specter of the coming 114th.

I think the GOP is going to squander their victories.

These are my domestic selections as 2014 draws to a close.