Some more thoughts as the New Year approaches…

1. Global urban explosion

It is a fact that global urbanization is coming at a speed and level that is almost unfathomable. Every continent is experiencing levels of the phenomenon with Asia and Africa leading the way in scale and importance. The implications for all is fairly clear. Some of the fuzzier ones will prove interesting as well.

2. Where the Bear turns

The Ruble is taking a beating and the neo-Soviets are getting their collective asses kicked secondary to the global glut of petro-products and the  accompanying fall in prices. What will the Russians and specifically the Putinistas do? Reconciliation,wag the dog or full  throttle aggressive response? 

3. The New Silk Roads directions,diversions and detours.

No matter where one sits on the scale of viewing the West and specifically the USA as experiencing a decline in power the New Silk Road concept should dial you in.

4. Does anyone care about their old Uncle?

Very much connected to the other three entries here the USA is feeling a lack of love to say the least. The US in my opinion will still exist as the nation others aspire to being aligned with. Our purchasing power alone and our production capacity are still worthy of respect and admiration. Also regardless ones take on our domestic headlines we as a nation still exist as a far better place to live and do business. In fact the US is with the exception of China clearly poised to benefit from the next act of the entrepreneurial and innovation play that technology and global urbanization is bringing at full speed.

These are my foreign policy thoughts.