Thanksgiving Day 2014


Thanksgiving Day USA 2014 has me thinking about that which I am thankful for. Here is a by no means complete list.

I am thankful I don’t live in Ferguson MO.

This goes farther to include not residing in any of the grossly divided climes of the country. Ferguson MO however has a special place in the current and evolving events of the nation. People are placing their own rhetorical spin on this one but I’m keeping to the bone on the matter. Inequality can be overcome with hard work. Solid division? I don’t know. That there are those making sure the walls are up and strong is undeniable. That human nature embraces a degree of separation is equally undeniable. I don’t have the answer for this one at this time but must say the railing against the urban setting is well out of order. I will add that the future of America’s urban communities promises to be a rocky road. 

I’m thankful my neighborhood isn’t riddled with disease like Ebola.

I’ve posted before how the Ebola hysterics is silly and still hold to that line. I have to add though that it is quite simply a no brainer to be thankful that one doesn’t live in a place where the culture and history seemingly damns one to suffering.

I’m thankful I am caucasian.

I don’t buy into the notion of white privilege by any stretch of the imagination. How can I as a middle class American getting my ass and wallet kicked by FAFSA. Seriously folks I know it’s scoffed at but being a middle class white guy isn’t easy. That said I’d be a liar if I didn’t confess to having a distinct freedom of movement over my darker tinted friends. One sic friend when with me has always been treated excellently by others,seen as white himself. By himself in the right (wrong?) places he has been vilified as everything from a “dirty ‘spic” to a “fu#$ing towel head”. the later in the post 9/11 aftermath lead to a fight with the white Irish turd and a court date. My friend by no means the aggressor got railroaded by the Boston Police and the court. He ended up in court ordered anger management class at his expense,Mc Turd walked. I have total empathy when people have hard feelings about the justice system in the USA. On the flip side I spent over a decade as a 911 medic in urban and suburban settings. I faced countless episodes of being prejudged,untrusted and hated simply because I was to a degree “the man”.

I’m thankful I am employed even if I’m unhappy with the job.

Far too many of my fellow countrymen can’t say this and that is sad. My work isn’t very fulfilling,basically a go through the motions kind of thing. I have my independence though and my pay. I also have a front row seat to that which most of us know is reality. the US economy is heavily burdened with regulation and greed. This Left Right combo punch falls squarely on the chin of the people and nobody seems to care too much.

I’m thankful I have my health as they say.

Which is good since in the post Obama Care world my healthcare plan has gone from awesome to dung. My plan is deemed to meet the ACA rules,in fact my employer has to pay a fee to the feds in the millions just because it is so. How the hell that flew I still can’t wrap my head around. Anyway my plan in the case of serious illness or injury would actually find me in debt in the high thousands. Thousands I never would’ve faced when previously insured. 

I’m thankful I have the bounty of food that’ll be before me in a few hours.

Hunger sucks,trust me I’ve been there,done that. That said I am more than a little aware that America has a waist line problem. We also have a selfishness problem that exists outside the realm of our tables. You can’t get near a turkey in America now a days without being inundated with the whole Christmas commercialization stuffing. That stores are going to be open on T-Day itself is immoral in my book. The whole Black Friday mentality sums up so succinctly what is wrong with America and Americans.