The immigration reform discussion we should be having sounds a little like….


Immigration built the Nation…

Both the Right and Left are experiencing angst over the issue of immigration and neither of them are facing reality.

For example the Right has a spectrum that ranges from the ardent nativists to the folks who believe immigration built the nation. To be sure the nativists as a rule are historically incorrect in their position and all too often just racist,ignorant and arrogant in espousing it. In many ways this coalition echoes the “Know Nothings” of the past. The conservatives who spout their immigration built the nation schtick in the 21st century parlance of tech jobs green cards are also slightly delusional or outright liars.

The Lefts spectrum has the open borders crowd flowing to the other end of a different take on the immigration built the nation model. The open border crowd need to be executed quite simply as SOVEREIGNTY MATTERS! The IBTN end for the Left is a stew in my opinion. They seem to have their own range of vote envy,fallacies of working class folks and other feelings based stuff motivating them. A great example of the feelings based stuff was seen during the recent surge in youngsters from Central America hitting the border. This was put into terms of a humanitarian crisis stressing the USA had a duty to embrace the kids.

The Right is wrong because the USA will fail to move forward in relation to other nations with or without importing their citizens due to a number of reasons. The Right’s desire to import skilled workers is also a condemnation of the Rights position on domestic policy especially education policy. Our economy isn’t moving at warp speed by any means and folks who assail the school systems of the country are hypocrites. We need to make Americans ready for the jobs other countries public schools have.
The Left is wrong because they are failing to recognize that the least desirable level of immigration impacts,hell shreds, key constituencies of theirs. The cynic in me says this is exactly the Lefts plan. The US Left has giving up on their other pet project the African-Americans and are moving ahead with the predominant emerging demographic the Hispanics. The Left further amplifies their wrongness in their blatant disregard for the rule of law. Expunging the adjective “illegal” from the national dialog is a disgrace. It is also an insult to the folks who put in the time to get into the USA legally.


What the country really needs is a discussion that leads to a course of action that keeps the focus on America’s people and economy. In my opinion the cornerstone of this policy would be strict restrictions on the who and where from front. Quite simply the United States needs to bring back the quota system and bring it back with a 21st Century twist.

In the US city of Baltimore the local government aggressively pursued and supported immigrants,primarily Hispanics. The result was that the immigrants outpaced the locals in entrepreneurship and general enterprise and stabilized neighborhoods. The praise heaped on the city is a little short sighted in  my opinion since a locale needs jobs available and needs to pray they don’t Balkanize their cities. Still it is a model that is working and one that other cities have looked at. Some folks link the concept to Bosnians in Cleveland and Arabs in Dearborn.

Canada has a twist in use where they offer visas to folks with skills and add pressure that they locate in a certain area.The federal government turns over a lot of authority to the Provinces to implement a variation of the program. This allows the Provinces to review applicants,score them and place them. Early studies indicate that some Provinces are better than others at selecting folks and retaining them.

Former NYC mayor and nanny stater Mike Bloomberg is on record pushing such an idea. Basically Bloomberg et al would “sentence” you to say Detroit for seven years. If you don’t get arrested,killed, try to get on public assistance or leave you are granted citizenship.


Nothing we do about legal immigration means much if we don’t address illegal immigration. Most of the immigration reform chatter offered pays lip service to increasing physical and technical border infrastructure. I say lip service since the system is so replete with inane policies that counter the idea of actual security. Releasing undocumented criminals onto the streets after they promise they’ll show up for a hearing is stupidity. Our failure to clearly delineate between legal and illegal is what makes deportation in the vein of General Swing impossible. We’ve homogenized the terms and in doing so have done irreparable harm to our sovereignty. [clicking image on left directs to a related post]

Although the bullet points that Obama and others talk about are superficially sound we as a nation are failing to have the immigration and domestic policies discussion we really need to have.


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