Ebola,The White Man’s Burden ?



Interesting article at the NYT that shows how pathetic the African Unions response to the Ebola outbreak has been.

I’ve touched on how the Dark Continent is experiencing a Neo-Imperialism moment and how I felt that was a negative thing. In my world view if the nations of Africa can’t consistently look after themselves they will experience a neocolonial raping and crippling corruption that will ensnare them forever in a black hole of suffering.

Whether other nations choose to help out of pure nobility,opportunism or fear it is clear that many will take up the Burden and it is undeniable that some of the fallout of that will be negative for Africans.



  1. jonolan says:

    You’re most likely correct. Africa has been a cesspool since the Colonial days ended. The “nations” therein have never been functional for any length of time and, as a result, the White Man has been forced to support them…and find the temptation to exploit them difficult to resist since it’s all to easy to expect recompense when one has to shoulder such a burden.

    In my opinion this stems largely from the fact that the Colonial period drew lines on a map and called them nations based upon European power dynamics rather than African realities. The “nations” of Africa don’t, because of that, break out into tribal or cultural divisions which dooms these created states to perpetual strife.

  2. Alfie says:

    Agreed. It is sad though that they seem so eager to eat at the corruption table and neocolonial buffet. It is also disheartening that even with the divides the attempts to mould a response to terror,famine or disease they pale in comparison to those not even from the places on their local maps
    As always thanks for stopping in.

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