Andrew McCarthy is an idiot

Saw a National Review red meat Obama bash piece by McCarthy and was blown away by how shallow and scummy my right of center brethren are.

wasteAndy complains that Obama & Co. are making up names,in this case the Khorosan Group, to veil his [BO] shiftiness. Outright calling the POTUS a liar Andy rails about all the Al Qaeda franchises as being nothing but Obama & Co. miniaturizing the Islamist threat.

The truth is Al Qaeda does indeed work and align itself in a franchise manner. It is true the individual franchises are very focused on regional/local opportunities for jihad and more importantly their own power up to and including financial security.

The credibility that the Khorosan Group is real enough is undeniable. That they are intertwined with Al Nusra in Syria is also logical for a couple of reasons. One is that the various cells do morph and move as they choose often returning to the root cause. Cells the world over have moved away from Core AQ,look no further than ISIL which parted company and was actually denounced by AQ. Better folks than McCarthy have noted this. Its very competitive to have jihad when in reality what you’re really about is your own financial and ego standings. For Allahs sake if all these Sunni nutters were really about having an Islamic State ala Iran they’d join forces and go to Sunni Ground Zero,Saudi Arabia. Ya ever notice how they don’t do that? If you’re really jonesing for a Sunni Islamic state why would you look anywhere else than where Mo hisself is from and where swarmy royals oppress the People? Spolier! “cuz you know you wouldn’t get away with it.

Global extremist jihad is indeed dangerous and real. It is also undeniable that the various cells are as much invested in the ideas of power and money,I dare say even more so than anything they think they’ve found in the Quran.



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  1. jonolan says:

    Frankly, I come closer to agreeing with McCarthy on this than you, Alfie. The “Khorasan Group” is a convenient pseudo-fiction / amalgamation / over-simplification of Islamist groups affiliated w/ or in sometimes alignment w/ Al-Qaeda in Syria.

    I think that the only reason the Obama Regime suddenly mentioned / created them is that they wanted to strike specific areas in Syria that were chosen more based up messing up Al-Assad than the Islamists.

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