Turkey & ISIL Updates

So Turkey has their people back from ISIL. Forty-nine Turks had been held hostage by ISIL after being taken from the Turkish Consulate in Mosul. 101 days later Ankara is hailing the great efforts of its intelligence wing on getting the hostages back. They have allegedly done this with zero military action,no ransom and no harm to its citizens.

I do not believe this is true at all. I do believe the Turks used zero military. Although Turkey is monitoring the border and taking in scores of refugees and doing so in a military operation there is no reason to believe they have turned an ounce of their considerable military assets at ISIL.

That they paid no ransom is completely unbelievable to me. If they did not pay anything up front I am left believing with all my heart that Ankara is now “in debt” to ISIL and that is as good as gold for the ISIL crowd.

What do I mean by “in debt” ? Quite simply given Turkeys publicly stated reluctance to support military operations against ISIL due to the hostages being held I find unfathomable that ISIL would toss its strongest card away. It is illogical,and although ISIL are fanatics they are not illogical. So with the hostages returned are we to expect Turkey stepping up to some of Erdogans prattle about ISIL,Syria and Iraq? Fuck No! He has agreed to not attack ISIL or support others that will and that is the price paid for the 49.



As an update to this post Turkey is having fits over the surge of up to 66,000 Syrians flowing over the Border while hundreds of Kurds (not Ankara’s BFF’s by any stretch) go the other way to face ISIL in combat.
Now likely Turkey involved in hostage swap with ISIL & this isn’t the first go