Australia and the furthering of the Anglosphere

Two items have spurred this post to be published. First the evolving actions of the government in Australia and second a douchebag commenter on another blog I frequent who plays the role of an Aussie and constantly has bad things to say about America and is blind when it comes to his  fraudulent adopted home.

The Australians are facing a number of challenges that have led them to veer towards furthering the Anglosphere,specifically heightening their relationship with the USA. I find this to be a good thing.

Intelligence gathering ala NSA

Military operations in Iraq

US forces on Aussie soil

Domestic security issues caused by ISIL & its sympathizers aka crazy ass Muslims.

There are those that would broad brush these headlines as being purely based in the islamophobic realm of the GWOT meme. These people would be grotesquely wrong however. Much of Australia’s turn towards the USA is actually based in the regional concerns posed by China than anything else. Australia has come to the realization that being a regional equal is not something Beijing has on its agenda for the ANZAC folks. China is out for China and if others get crushed thats just too bad.

If one finds US foreign policy evil,insane or whatever one can’t champion Australian FP as a counter because quite simply it isn’t. Except for the topic of climate change Australia is very much in line with the USA. On climate change the USA will continue to develop a FP position that will mirror Australias zeal but via a natural resources risking conflict kind of thing.

Welcome to spheric politics folks,it is its time.