My thought for the day…

My bottom line point is we were always kind of bastards its just when we had all the room and invisibility it was just so much easier to pretend we weren’t.

I think the predominantly conservative opinion that America and its citizens were somehow oh so much better Once Upon a Time has finally made me snap.

We are a case of human evolution more than anything else. Its the kind of epiphany that saddens me even if I still do enjoy some of the ole classic jingosims.


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  1. jonolan says:

    I think we, as a people, were better in the past. Not perfect, mind you, but better than we are today insofar as our cultural values and the expression of those values are concerned.

    As for the evolution part – I think you’re right but that the natural course of evolution is now working against us as a people largely because the malcontents and others that could function within America now have no place to go whereas, in the past, those sorts could migrate elsewhere and become a new people.

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