The Genie you’re free fallout is stupid…



The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences aka the folks that do the Oscar thing tweeted “Genie you’re free” in a twitter remembrance to Robin Williams.

I usually don’t get into stuff like this but the blowback and fallout of this innocent 21st Century gesture is insane.

Holly Thomas of the UK’s Independent and Caitlin Dewey in WaPo are particularly heinous in their insanity that this gesture is a somehow a callous green light for suicide.

If we as a people have gotten to the point that we are THIS FUCKING STUPID perhaps the best thing we can do is kill ourselves.

Robin Williams had many genies and demons haunting him as do many folks who come to the conclusion that suicide is an answer. It isn’t really anyones place to question these peoples motives only to help where and when we can.



  1. jonolan says:

    No. We shouldn’t kill ourselves; we should the idiots acting that way.

  2. Alfie says:

    It is really incredible how many times something really innocent is attacked by agenda whores. I suppose some might say a blog post on the topic is guilty as well but I think I’m still riding on the road of common sense.
    Thanks for stopping in J.

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