Gaza Winners & Losers the Valley View…

rodin_thinker_detailWho are the winners and losers in Gaza? That is a question I have put out into the world of the net and the flesh and blood world of my real time life. I’ve seen some answers and have seen op-ed/news pieces on the topic as well. Here’s how I see it….



Biggest Losers

This award goes to the civilian population of Gaza who has had to endure Hamas and IDF forces raining down upon them. There is a lot of chatter about how they aid and abet the actions of Hamas. I don’t buy into the notion that 100% of Gazans enjoy or support Hamas or Islamic Jihad freely. I do buy into the notion that 100% of the population is affected by the actions surrounding them.


There are shades of grey in everything but I am just going to call it as I see it in group form. In no particular order or magnitude the winners are:

Egypt: Seen by the international community to have steadily engaged the regions conflict even if their actions were as tied to domestic concerns as they were humanitarian nobility.

Hamas: Yup! They have soiled themselves entering this latest conflict but they stand victorious in that ultimately Israel’s image has been further tarnished and the border crossing will eventually be opened. Hamas will ultimately be able to spin their latest act of insanity as a victory.



This list is long so let me piss off any number of readers right off the bat and just shorten it with the A listers.

Israel: Their image is absolutely junked and their hypocrisy absolutely punked. Only the most die-hard blind supporter can swallow all that has been so clumsily put forth to justify this latest engagement. The ever evolving story line of why the action was initiated has throughly come asunder exposing the truth that Israel holds strong to the policy that is known as “mowing the lawn”.

Another level of how they have lost is the questions raised concerning their expensive air defense system,Iron Dome and the general effectiveness of at least some layers of their intelligence apparatus secondary to staying on top of the tunnel issue.

For what its worth I think they do deserve the props lavished on them for the IDF’s exertion of restraint as it were. To unload the type of ordnance they have into such a densely populated area with the results they have reveals a definite degree of care.

USA: We don’t deserve the hit but we’ve got to take it. The only player we are expected to exercise any control over,Israel, totally and very publicly dumped on us making it seem like we and specifically John Kerry suck. I don’t like Kerry but his efforts were worthy in the context of all the facts and the opposition to his efforts made up serious lies to defame him and ergo the United States of America.

UN: Yet another chapter was written in how pathetic this paper tiger of an organization is. Although someno-un.JPG of the local based UNRWA types have been quoted,misquoted and otherwise cast as stars in the show en total you have to say the UN is a loser.



  1. James says:

    I basically agree. One thing bothers me. This is a good blog requiring some effort. Visitors should be crowding the comments section.

  2. Alfie says:

    Kind of you to say James and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Alfie says:

    On an update my pick of Egypt is truer now than when I first posted.

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