Some items in the draft bin…

My time has not been my own for some time now. I also have been experiencing a degree of politics fatigue. That said I have not been without the occasional fit,seizure and stroke over any number of the headlining news stories. Some items I hope to finally release from post purgatory include:

Conservatives are getting the country they want,what’s up with the bitchin’?

This post was prompted by a number of encounters in both the real and virtual realms with those folks who proclaim a “conservative” identity. I’ve really had a belly full of these folks and this post touches on some of that.

America’s logical evolution isn’t decline

The title is more of a working title but it truly fits the posts scrambled elements. Basically if I were to claim only two world views my domestic one is found in this potential post. The USA is experiencing an evolution that began in the 1900’s and that which we are experiencing today is part of it,not necessarily evidence of decline. In LCD summation basically America was never all that great anyway.

Spheres of Influence and Change

This covers my the international version of “if I could only hold two world views”. Spheres are rapidly becoming the reality that will dictate the future.