Everyday is like Sunday…

…not in every way but one thing is for sure people are super stupid on Sunday.

Sunday driver is an old saying for the terrible head in their ass drivers who seemingly only started up the car on Sunday. Be it for church,socializing or just checking the scenery ,whether they were all old people or daily train commuters who after the M-F grind remembered they owned a car the expression was based in a reality.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older but the Sunday drivers are pissing me off more than ever but there is another entity whom rises my ire even higher. The fucking Sunday pedestrian/bicyclist/scooter idiot who for some ghastly reason thinks they’re the only thing in need of our collective assortment of concrete,grass and asphalt.

It is ironic that on the day that those raised under the Christian faith are so thoroughly tested by idiocy of their fellow-man.