Iraq headlines and the We the Sheeple

The amount of information,misinformation and all round sensory saturation we are subjected to is truly dizzying. I sometimes think the Information Age is far more a negative than it is a positive. Then again we haven’t completely reach Orwellian levels and truth is still readily found although at times requiring great effort to do so.

obamashamMy sentiment need not look any further than the closing days of the week of 6/15/2014. The Left and Right have crossed sabers once more and the subject is Iraq. The Left is looking to rally its cause for the next presidential run as well as shore up wasterighttheir fallen Messiah Barack Obama. The Right is girding its loins for that which I no longer (if ever) understand and are rabidly nipping at Obama. The Right is strutting around with its chest thrust out babbling about how it won Iraq and Obama has lost it. The Left is growling about “dirty Dick Cheney and the neo-Cons”. The new week promises to only ramp up these idiotic antics.

The Iraq War will forever hold a place in history as one of the worse decisions made by the United States of America. This is amplified by the cluster fuck of bad decisions that followed.  Let’s be honest though there were many good decisions made and it can never be stressed enough that the men and women who served deserve our unwavering support. While honesty is on the table I’d be remiss not to speak to the title of this entry. The headlines and more to the point sound bite/ short attention span teet feeding of the sheeple. On this EVERYONE IS GUILTY.

Why did we even go?

There are many bites and quotes available for this legitimate question. The shaky resolve of the Bush Administration and others in the government in the early years of the campaign is especially suspect. The grueling slog of the latter years settled on a muted acceptance that no matter why we went we were indeed stuck there now so…

The Truth?

The truth is that deep in the cauldron of governance and Real Politik events simmered and then boiled over. A culmination of missteps throughout history lead to a response that was credible even if it was distasteful. As humanity has seen before and will see again our very nature led to us to acting on a matter that was thought to be in our collective interest. When I say collective I am speaking globally. Clumsy decorating of the reason isn’t new either. Think about Wilson and his war to “make the World safe for democracy”. The sheeple need simple. Remember the Maine! ** (there you go two party examples)

Why did we stay?

Again the mission statements for this venture were ever-changing and slippery but not like oil. Who is that aimed at? You know who you are.

The Truth?

We were in it and deep too. The it part is the important stuff. Since long before Vietnam Americans don’t take to losing and are willing to take a lot of shit to make sure it doesn’t happen. Vietnam served as a formative lesson for those that would stand around the cauldron I spoke of earlier though. No matter what people think Reagan and GHW Bush did for US moxy or what Clinton did to alter or enhance it the fact remains attitudes were forever etched in stone on the issue.

We did indeed fuck up a sovereign states infrastructure,totally. Americans have a history of at least trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together even and especially so when we tossed the fucker off the wall in the first place. Be it morality,pride or true noble intent or anything in between it has to be said this is thinking is at least partly behind why we stayed. Pandoras Box effect is another…

HifiWhether you like it or not the invasion of Iraq did indeed serve one of its oft stated purposes. To fight Islamic extremists in their backyard and not ours. The trouble with this is fighting Islamic extremists leads to a perpetuation of the problem. You kill ’em and there is another to take his place. Soak,rinse,repeat. Right and Left are both guilty of looking at things through their own lenses. The thing is whether its Iraq,Afghanistan or anything credited to the “Arab Spring” Pandoras Box applies. The lesson here is of course NOT TO OPEN THE FUCKING BOX IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

The thing is we did and we at least had to try to get the lid,or some kind of lid back on it.

Why did we leave?

I won’t rehash the fantasies of the Right/Left on this one and just go to truth.


The Truth?

We were done. Defeated,dejected and disillusioned and a myriad of other things. One big,ugly and costly fuck up that will go into the books as  a historical event that charted the course of events as much as it was created by them.

Should we go back?

This is the plot of this weeks opening salvo of stupid as both sides try to guide the sheeple yet again. It is based mostly in asking the question and offering rants against the other side. This coming week we will likely get to living through some of each sides answers.

The Truth!

We were never getting away from it and it is going to drag us in whether we want to go or not. The truth is further that we are in it deeper now than we ever imagined we could be. We now find ourselves smack in the middle of the Sunni Shiite divide. We find ourselves souring and seeing the reality of relations with Saudi Arabia while at the same time finding our interests are supported best via Iran. Hows that for a WTF moment? The scorecard isn’t solely dedicated to Iraq either and on this point the Obama Administration is the sole owner of how bad that is,but that truth is worthy of its own post.



  1. jonolan says:

    I disagree with your analysis of why we went there and that it was a fuck up to do because you left out one significant geopolitical fact. 13 years of crippling sanctions that cost upwards of a million Iraqi civilian casualties did nothing because Saddam didn’t care.

    We were left in a position where we either had to go for broke and break Saddam or prove to every tyrannical regime that, if it can maintain control over its populace during the sanctions it can beat the World Powers.

    I don’t think anyone in any government was truly willing to deprecate economic sanctions because that would leave us with only armed intervention left in our arsenals.

  2. These are crazy times we’re living in and the mediated reality offered by the media sure doesn’t make things any easier.

  3. Alfie says:

    I think we actually agree Jonolan. What you base your disagreement on is actually part and parcel of my Pandora Box and cauldron statements. Thx for stopping by.

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