Valley Views of the headlines: May 24

Following are six headliners that have many angles. I am including my opinion and would love to hear yours.

China Spy row

dragontheifThe epiphany that the government of China has been engaged in overt cyber war against all comers is supposed to be shocking. It isn’t. US indignation is supposed to be seen as hypocrisy secondary to the other non surprise NSA surveillance program. This is a false equivalent in my books as the two issues are quite separate and different. I won’t quibble over which if either is right or wrong. I will only say that what the Chinese have done,what many nations and corporations engage in daily, is in fact illegal and amoral without question. There is no wiggle room to be had here.

Unfortunately the Obama Administration has had to catch this tiger by the tail and has been forced to act. I don’t know what else Obama was supposed to do but indicting Chinese military officials seems absurd. On the surface the US taxpayer clearly has paid for man hours at Justice to dream this shit up. It can’t go anywhere and only serves as an open pat in the vain of that which the Administration couldn’t dream of,both for international and domestic reasons,overt or covert trade reprisal. This is an area I think a President Romney would have been an interesting player.

Thailand “Coup”

I support it and as such I presently find coup worthy of quotation. I think the people of Thailand can benefit from this stabilizing action. It is a stabilizing action as long as the military relinquish control and I think they will. I find the international response to this to be arrogant. I specifically find the US response to be so. On one hand I think the meager aid hold back is a cautious act pending military handover of power. Diplomatically though we’re coming off as arrogant as others at the table. Walk a mile in the shoes of the Thais who were experiencing what was only going to worsen before you knee jerk bemoan “coup”.


Not really a headline anymore but it is still something to keep on top of. The loudest shout from the country recently syriagretionfocused on the Syrian slacking on turning over the chemical weapons. Aligned with this is the story of another chlorine gas attack. Those paying closer attention are also aware of the Islamists tunneling campaign. These two items are noteworthy for a few reasons.

First the international peanut gallery is still holding out hopes for anything that will justify their misplaced agendas. This isn’t good for the area at all.Second is that there seems to be no doubt that even if “peace and harmony” broke out tomorrow there will be elements well placed to engage in high level operations that will kill people and unsettle whatever government exists. Lastly,that the country is still experiencing high levels of violence is indeed disheartening. The only way the people of Syria win in this matter is to have Assad regain control under renewed international as well as internal scrutiny. I get that his requires a several years of sucking up a lot of yuck but sometimes you have to take a step back to take steps forward.


I think Africa has finally come to the point that it is clearly on the international radar. I could be wrong as there have been other tipping points prior to the Boko Haram campaign but the signs hint that this time may well be different. I don’t think this will be a great thing for anyone involved. The fact of the matter is I couldn’t fault a person who suggests the Continent is seeing a potential replay of its colonial years. The world powers are coming to the continent for 200 girls is the story line,the truth is that they’re coming for a whole lot more.

Obama Land grab and Government armies afoot!

obamapailI gets me a pail for this one!

The Right has proven to be so fucking stupid in their Hate Obama pogrom again and again and now yet again. Outlets that pounded the President over the “land grab” in New Mexico were so far off script of reality it isn’t funny. Every inch of their opposition to the 500k  acres Organ Mountains/Desert Peaks issue is false.

I have been following the various government entities acquisition of military equipment from day one. There is a recent one that is in one way government overkill and the other understandable. The USDA is going for special scopes for rifles. These scopes are not inexpensive. While there has been some extreme chatter that this bodes ill for folks like Cliven Bundy the reality is the feds are finally going after feral pigs. Anyone that has had a run in with this porcine fuckers applauds this policy. I would say though I think it better to just unleash a free fire citizens movement against them but that’s just me.


This is something that may very well stick the most to the Obama Administration and his (D) darlings. It is sad that this is true given the absolute crappiness of this Administration but so be it if America’s veterans must once more serve for the better of the nation.

Obama gets an F for his handling of this. He is the one and only that deserves full damnation for this. Sometimes it sucks to have the top job and this is one of those times. In my opinion he could’ve tempered this so easily which only adds to my furor. His absolute ignorance and incompetence on this matter is worthy of pushing his name higher on the “Worst POTUS” list.



  1. Raji says:

    .” The USDA is going for special scopes for rifles. These scopes are not inexpensive ”
    Just another stop gap procedure. However it makes the government look like it is actively engaged.

    . “The world powers are coming to the continent for 200 girls is the story line,the truth is that they’re coming for a whole lot more.”
    In your opinion what do you consider “a whole lot more”?

    ”The epiphany that the government of China has been engaged in overt cyber war against all comers is supposed to be shocking.”
    Shocking as in the use of a cattle prod seems to me to apply in this situation!

    Nice post, Alfie

  2. Alfie says:

    Thanks for commenting Raji. By “a whole lot more” I mean neo-imperialism. I think the the West and even China have descended upon the Continent in a quest for business opportunities,resources and old fashioned geopolitical influence peddling. The US for example goes the security route and GWOT gig. Joint military exercises and political mingling. China in contrast goes the infrastructure/service provision route in return for resources out right as payment.

  3. Raji says:

    I thought neo-imperialism was what you were referring to. Under the guise of GWOT, the US doesn’t differ much from China’s route in my opinion. The end result is the same

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