ValleyViews Weekender 5.17.14

So in2theweekend I have a few stories that are on my mind and wanted to share.

The VA Scandal

The real scandal isn’t really being discussed. Although many folks are out to get Obama in any way they can the truth of the Veterans Administration is bipartisan and a source of shame for all Americans.

Shinseki should be fired and this is the one area President Obama is truly failing.

The waiting lists are a by-product of the system. The bureaucracy that makes the VA spend a fortune on…bureaucracy, ironically in the name of transparency, is actually the root of the deception that is the scandal.

VA healthcare is on par with the single payer systems proponents call for. Take a long look people.

What’s up with Dutch cartoonists?

Once upon a time the Dutch made headlines secondary to the insane response to this:


Now they’ve done it again with Vote Man:

China on my mind

Two stories that have China on my mind above and beyond the standards are: Vietnam dispute and Boko Haram kidnapping Chinese nationals out of Cameroon.

The pending military excursions in Africa

Related to #2 above the various former vassals of Europe ironically met in France for a summit about dealing with Boko Haram. Let there be zero doubt that what is evolving is meant to assure new financial imperialism. In some term this will only assure the problem persists.