Dragon Shake:Tastes great

pandaloveI am an avowed panda basher and I am ok with this. I refer of course to smacking down China when and where it deserves it. I am also in my biased opinion fair in my view on China. I respect its sovereignty and its lawful pursuit of economic vitality. It is really only when it crosses a set of lines that I get my stick out.

One of the best developments in international policy for some time is in my opinion the US Pacific Pivot. This is a much needed and multi-faceted policy switch that will bear much fruit for the United States as well as the neighbors.

For its part China is naturally and quite logically pursuing other regional moves in addition to the ones that are causing beneficial friction in the neighborhood. These moves should be something on the USA radar most importantly our citizenry’s news and views consumption. Americans need to shed their collective arrogance of US superiority just as they need to look for a better future for the United States of America.