When it rains it pours…


So true and I am living proof of this saying.

I am in the midst of planning a special family vacation and that is taking quite a bit of change out of the old wallet.

I hurt my back at work and am popping Flexoril like M&M’s,well maybe not that much but I am RTD tomorrow and far from 100%.

One of my cars is presenting me with four pain in the ass ailments some of which will equal more $$$ out of the wallet one that will only consume a saturday.

My freezer drain is clogged and dripping water into my fridge. I spent an hour dismantling and breaking ice but upon checking today apparently I did not fully unclog the drain hole as Mr Drip is back in town.

My youngest has been spec’ed out for orthodontia….oh yeah here cames the money bite again.

On top of all this is the desire/need to refurb the kitchen and a half bath and don’t get me started on the spring needs the yard will bring.

All this and I am yet to do my taxes….And I wonder why I haves aches and pains.


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  1. Rutherford says:

    Nice to see a personal post and believe me, I feel your pain brother.

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