Russia/Ukraine IT ISN’T AN INVASION (yet)

I am very often very critical of my political allies. I know people have pointed this out before and in doing so have gone as far as questioning my true positions. I essentially always offer the same response,”I am on the side of truth & reason”. The evolving events in the Ukraine have me at it again.

The Russian actions in Crimea ARE NOT AN INVASION ! Legions of right leaning folks would say this claim is insanity and this is evidence of their short comings not mine in my opinion. I will readily concede there are Russian fingerprints all over the turmoil and that Moscow has definite designs on all the former vassals,so much so that it can be said there are credible reasons to believe Georgia is next on the list.

Even though I am a huge supporter of sovereignty the realities of the world cannot really be B&W all the time. On the international stage it is also very helpful if we all use the same dictionaries. It is on these two points I find the majority of my fellow Americans to fall woefully short. I think these points can be addressed by looking deeper into these two-line items:

No person along the entire USA political spectrum can rightfully pillory Putin & Co. unless they pony up to over a century of American Imperialism.

No matter how devious and obvious the end game is parts of Russian actions are actually legit and not without precedent.

First off though let’s get the invasion thing out-of-the-way.

The Russian military albeit through very questionable political shenanigans have a legal presence and authority in Crimea. The lease on the Black Sea Fleet port in Sevastopol is the big-ticket item. The fact of the matter the Russian Black Sea Fleet cannot be viewed throughout the US/West understanding of “fleet” as in purely naval assets i.e. ships. The Black Sea Fleet obviously consists of vessels but also has:land forces,what we would call Marines, as well as air elements including fighter jets,transport planes and helicopters.In simplest terms the Black Sea Fleet is actually a complete military presence. All of these assets have bases and infrastructure in Sevastopol and in other parts of Crimea.

The Crimea much like many specks of land throughout the world is actually deemed semi-autonomous. Per Kiev the emphasis is on the semi and even Moscow has paid international lip service in support of this. In the Crimea, the ethnic Russians-not so much and obviously Moscow is using this to their advantage.

People will say I am being a nuance douche but the Russians in Crimea have not invaded,you could say they have secured for sure,you could call it a takeover but I don’t buy invasion. World history is littered with incidents that fail to have the benefits the Russians have re Crimea and the same right leaners would be loathe to call them invasions.

Now back to the two points I mentioned earlier:

No person along the entire USA political spectrum can rightfully pillory Putin & Co. unless they pony up to over a century of American Imperialism.

I am front and center in my ability to say whatever I want about any world leader secondary to consistently speaking out or at least admitting to prior US foreign policy actions. I have a history of being pretty clear on US imperialism in Latin America as well as linking more modern-day events with past precedents. I have also been pretty clear where I stand regards the UN and its military & Security Council actions. So when I do dump on Putin and boy have I I’m legit.

So if you’re a Yank you better be clear on Afghanistan,Barbers,Platt Amendment and the Monroe Doctrine and Roosevelt Corollary as well as The Boxer Rebellion,Spanish-American War and the Filipino Insurrection before you open your mouth….just sayin’

No matter how devious and obvious the end game is parts of Russian actions are actually legit and not without precedent.

I covered this in the invasion bit. I think our big problem is we’re hypocrites and we have too deeply accepted Wilsonian foreign policy. We sickeningly pick which countries and people’s repression makes us feel yucky. This creates huge credibility issues. This is an epic fail it is also a huge source for hypocrisy and confusion.

We talk a lot of shit about supporting democracy right up to when a country legally votes in someone we don’t like.(Nicaragua,Uganda &tons of others)

We talk about humanitarian military actions (Libya& Afghanistan) but then turn away when the Pandora’s Box we helped open does exactly what many folks said it would.

We throw out our chest over crisis and huff and puff and then are shocked nobody cares.This is especially funny when we choose the wrong side to like in the first place (Syria)

We push policies that we know are going to antagonize others then act all shocked when a player reacts. (UKRAINE,Georgia & others)

So to sum it up the Russian actions are not an invasion. It could be the stepping stone to further actions and I won’t be surprised if it happens.

Do I support military action to defend Crimea? No I don’t . I think not making the G8 Sochi thing is actually the right thing to do. I would also be more than willing to rotate the 6th Fleet and concentrate it in the east. I would also take this wake up call to get working on stronger relations with Turkey.

Do I support military action if Russia does indeed enter Ukraine? Yeah I actually support instant granting of NATO status to Ukraine for its non-brokered lands (everything but Crimea) and in keeping with the above mentioned points NOT be surprised by any reactions.


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  1. Alfie says:

    So after some time the referendum is in flux but obvious. The West explores its next moves by bringing up Kosovo. I think Ukraine will be forced to invite NATO exercises,that would be something else.
    I think with the obvious outcome of the voting the hope that a face save diplomatic thing is gone. Someone has to show Putin the fist.

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