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wasteThe rightosphere is all a twitter about the video “starring”  black Chicago activists scathing rebuke of the recent State of the Union address by Dictator/Sith Lord President Obama.

I find the video to be folly on all counts and much like all the garbage tossed at the base fodder of the “conservative” movement a great disservice to all. It also discounts and discredits the very credible and plentiful faults that is the Obama presidency.

The “cast”

Willie JR Fleming: Appears to be a very legit community organizer with a focus in schools and housing areas. I fail to believe “conservatives” who enjoyed Flemings remarks in the video would be as supportive of his actions which include leading occupations of foreclosed properties. I also imagine a number of Flemings new fans would shudder whence hearing a black man speak out against profit motivated evictions of black people.

Paul McKinley: Ex-con who has won the primary to be the Republican candidate for the 2nd district congressional race. He is not officially backed or appreciated by the IL GOP but in an area that has never voted (R) some relevance is desired. Sadly he is unlikely to be seen as credible,as of 10 A.M EST his campaign website was pending deletion/renewal per GoDaddy.

Meghan Kyle: The female in the video. I couldn’t find anything about her. I think she would rile the average conservative in real life real issue settings.

Mark Carter: Mr Carter was highlighted in many corners for his Obama should just quit commentary. He along with Joe Watkins are tops in an organization called Voice Of The Ex-offender. I couldn’t find anything about the organization although I did find stuff about similar entities.

The valleyviewpoint?

All in all do I think these folks represent any kind of dent in the 85% support of Obama? Hell no! I can only say that the rightospheres embrace and amplification of the cheesy video in fact misses the real point.

The black community in America isn’t the monolith most people declare it. It is indeed true they are absolutely owned by the Democrats. It is equally true that the blacks seem unified in their obliviousness that the Democrats have caused most of their communities problems. They are not however just mind numb robots. In fact any time spent in a predominantly black area will reveal a very palpable sense of something that consists of a mix of despair,acceptance and apathy. I’ve done it and can’t quite capture the words for it.

The Obama presidency has done nothing but ill for the black community. Although I am of the camp that any POTUS is a POTUS for all Americans I get that blacks actually bought into “Hope & Change” to a level no lily-white suburbanite leftist could dream of. That there is dissatisfaction amongst blacks towards Obama is understandable but the right,especially the white folks,should not think that the real dissatisfaction is with BHO alone but with the entire system,a system that the majority of the black community and the majority (all) of those in the video  see as fixable only by government and taxation.



  1. jonolan says:

    You’re, IMHO. wrong on a couple of points. The Black Community is essentially monolithic but not all Blacks are part of the Black Community. However, almost all Blacks will respond in a Pavlovian fashion to any claims that Whitey is holding them down and that their problems are all someone else’s fault.

    Despair, acceptance, and/or apathy are merely the coping mechanism displayed and are, in fact, indicative of a singular underlying belief.

    And yes, I’ve lived in an almost wholly Black ‘hood for 11 years now.

  2. Alfie says:


    The Black Community is essentially monolithic but not all Blacks are part of the Black Community.

    reveals an unintended truth.
    What is the Black Community and to what extent in any predominantly black community (area) do the individuals actually subscribe to it?
    I think this is where you and I differ and would squabble over the use of the monolithic tag. I disagree with the notion of coping mechanism as well. I say it is more a learnt behavior set.
    Internationally the same can be seen in many areas although the post “Great Society” blacks in America seem especially unmotivated to exit the morass via the self. That I have to give you hands down.
    On an editorial note though the main thrust of this post was how I felt the Right was confused and stupid with their celebration of the video.
    Thanks for commenting.

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