I would say Happy New Year…

…but then I would be telling you a lie

2014 will not be a great year for anyone,anywhere. Don’t get me wrong people will have many positive experiences and life goes on yadda yadda but the truth of the matter is that from a geo-political standpoint this ’14 is gonna be only slightly better than the last one.

nomanszI hope to offer up some posts that will have my geo-political predictions for the year. I am drafting them up over the next few days. I have designed them to follow the sphere model.

Suffice to say I believe 2014 will go down as a pretty bad year. Continued economic issues as well as sharpened edges to the various conflicts around the globe will make it so.Alliances will be broken,new ones forged and all in all many tested. (wow doesn’t that sound like 100 years ago)

In the USA I think we will feel the bite of a number of policies and assorted government actions and inactions. I also think we are much like we were a century ago woefully ignorant of the world.The reaper always gets his due.

One of the saddest things 2014 will give us is Afghanistan. Everything way too many Americans gave will go to shit as we depart and that craggy hole slides back into stone age islamic theocracy and corruption.