In2 STRATFOR predictions etc for 2014

Here are the top 5 predictions for 2014 put forth by STRATFOR.

An enduring detente between Iran and the United States

I don’t think it is by any means the number one foreign policy/international affairs thing and I don’t think it is a guaranteed happening. Clearly the new year will see continued movement in the region and between the two countries.

The rise of nationalist and extremist parties in Europe

I don’t really agree with this one either at least not beyond the safe bet no brainer aspect of the pick. I think globally the edges of politics will gain traction. It is historically the natural response to the situations we have going on. Immigration and finance issues in Europe will indeed allow far right and left elements to gain surer footholds.

Russia and Germany bargain over Central/Eastern Europe and energy policy

This one I totally agree with,in fact I’ve been on this for a while now. Germany has been destined to look towards its east for opportunity and the neo-Soviets are ripe for this. Economic spoiling in the EU as well as German domestic industrial issues assures this alliance. For the Russians a wedge into the heart of NATO doesn’t hurt either.

China’s return to strongman politics

Return? Return?!?! OK whatever guys. The Chinese are already all in on being the regional bully as well as ramping up their international trade for resources and power carrot & stick tour. China is a threat to the globe and we are all just whistling pass the cemetery gates with our shitty cheap Made in China everything wondering how everything is getting bought up by Chinese businesses. Un-fucking-believable!

Domestic turmoil and economic stress in India and Turkey

Agreed but to what ends this will mean anything is anyones guess. I think India has given you a preview to their pygmy-ness with the recent “diplomat” fuss response. Pure saber rattling and domestic mind numbing fodder. Your daughters are routinely raped,your ecology in the shitter but by all means be outraged that an upper caste douchebag was arrested.




  1. jonolan says:

    All five predictions are so safe as to be lame and pointless. They might as well of just predicted that there will be nothing new in the coming year, just incremental increases in the existing trends.

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