A revised viewpoint on immigration and the USA

To say the least I am very much against amnesty as it is generally floated and am vociferously opposed to illegal immigration on all sides of the issue. That said I am not without the capacity and desire to actually find solutions to the very real problem set that is illegal and legal immigration.

First off I don’t imagine it possible I will ever be one of those that will stop delineating the difference between legal and illegal immigration. I come from a mixed ancestry of very original immigrants,the Pilgrims, and a line that didn’t make the US scene until the Depression. The former saw people farming,fishing and serving in the Civil War. The latter has an adoptive wing that actually left the Colonies to stay Tory in Canada yet has a strong USA showing in most of the US 20th Century conflicts around the World. (WW2,Korea,Vietnam,Lebanon etc.)

Some of my dearest friends are modern immigrants who went through a lot of shit to be here legally. They paid their dues and added positively to their new nation. I have also been blessed as it were to meet more than a few folks who endured arduous journeys to get into the USA very much illegally. I’ve had front row seating to the hardships faced from living in the shadows. I am quite aware of those among us that are all too often not noticed and by no means forces of evil.

I have also seen first hand how the illegal community of any number of ethnicities have a common core negative going for them. Being illegal, contrary to the pro migrant folks take, very easily greases the slope as it were to get involved in a life of illegality. Fraud,drugs and a wide array of crimes come easy when surrounded by folks who either sympathize,fear or are ignorant to what the illegal element is into. The thought that this doesn’t impact people in very real ways is lost on the suburban humps whose closest contact to illegals is their well-kept lawn or the nanny.



One area I have experienced some softening of views is in the area of enforcement. I had a post here a few years back that essentially advocated for a new Operation Wetback action. Although I do not doubt our ability to pursue illegals and to impact the illegal immigrant population via enforcement actions I now more firmly believe we lack the political and personal will to undertake any such large-scale military style action. The media and pro-illegal lobby would salivate at the opportunity to splash images of folks being arrested,of children with teddy bears being taken to deportation centers. The messaging would be powerful to say the least as well as being divisive and ultimately defeating.

As it stands the enforcement front clearly needs improvements.The bureaucracy of it all is what appears to be the worse thing about it these days. The politics need to be removed. The grandstanding needs to be eliminated. Straight forward border security and clear-cut enforcement actions when illegals find themselves in the justice system for other reasons are key.

Non alien ills

There are a myriad of issues other than the actual illegals in physical form that need to be addressed. Two such areas are a fuller appreciation of the external factors (source nations issues) and our own domestic political pimping.

Even the most zealous anti-immigration type should have some appreciation for a number of the reasons why folks risk so much to get to the USA no matter what! Instead of using foreign aid to keep “friendly” despots in power or to only have the money used to buy US wheat or weaponry perhaps we should more diligently use aid programs to keep people where they live. This seems to me a better use of scarce dollars as opposed to powering an inept bureaucracy of competing philosophies. Basically welfare programs and law enforcement pony shows. I’m not saying lets pay people not to come but perhaps US public and private funding enterprises should get a focus on bettering life globally so folks don’t need to come here.

A disgusting aspect of the immigration issue is the almost exclusive Democrat tendency to overtly ignore our laws in pursuit of votes. I’m sorry but the fallacy of “sanctuary cities” is a death trap for all concerned and is an issue that must be addressed. The best thing to do is to eliminate all federal aid to communities that ignore the law. Lets see how deep the loyalty and nobility of the shill politicians runs then. Let me tell you its a shallow river that one. A further means of confronting the issue is coming up next under –Amnesty?


The thought of amnesty is repulsive to me in many ways. I have come to the conclusion though that some type of bookkeeping needs to occur to move forward. Much is said about a pathway to citizenship. This is where almost all the tension stems from and in many ways justifiably so. Amnesty as policy scorched us once before and solved nothing. Even with this being so I do support and advocate a pathway to legality and residence but not and never citizenship.


I think we should focus efforts and money on ending the unproductive witch hunts. Hampered by the sanctuary idiots and the shadows the current system is less than value minded. On the flip side the Democrats don’t deserve a grateful voting bloc for violating the laws of this nation. Lets welcome people to the tax rolls,deny them welfare etc and of course no voting. This of course only works for those here now. US immigration policy also needs to have a revisit of the cost structure and quota system it uses to process legal immigration. We obviously also need to secure our physical borders and actively use technology to get at the overstays etc. that make up a big portion of those in the country illegally at any given time. Our economy begs us to seriously address the issue of legal and illegal immigration. We fail to do so at our great collective peril.