USS HEAD SHOT good grief…

I hate SecNav Ray Mabus and that is putting it mildly. In a totally insane way most of my hatred of him comes from his ridiculous politically motivated ship naming. Now I’ll readily admit that a majority of the US Navy ships get their names secondary to some degree of political dickering. That said there are rules and standards and when those go out the window we have common freaking sense.
The USS Gabrielle Giffords LCS 12 of the Independence class/variant of the Navy’s littoral combat ships has abandoned all that and then some.
The naming of USN ships as well as all military assets should mean something and capture a symbolism that gels. I don’t see where naming a shop that is designed to kill an enemy is a homage to a politician who was victim of a domestic and not rare crime. Her personal contribution to society quite frankly does not rise to being worthy of the honor of her name being on a vessel with a lifespan of 20 + years.Her contributions to the Navy are also nil. Proponents of the Administration are quick (and ignorant) to point out vessels such as the USS John Stennis,Carl Vinson,Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush. These are all aircraft carriers that contrary to the spin misters are at least marginally keeping with the spirit of the class naming protocols. Reagan and Bush =POTUS. Vinson and Stennis get dumped on because of domestic policy issues from the two Congressmen. The truth remains both are heralded as politicians who did much for the Navy even if that means supercharging the MIC. Gabrielle Giffords does not reach the minimal level.

LCS ships names are all being named after cities other than the Giffords and the two class leaders Freedom and Independence.The hypocrisy screams.




  1. jonolan says:

    Yep. It’s disgusting – more so due to Gifford’s politics, which run contrary to America and the military. But you can’t expect any better out of any of filth that Obama has appointed.

  2. Political correctness run amok to be sure. What next? Rename the Scout / Sniper School The Tom Mauser School for Liberty?

  3. jonolan says:

    Nah, just rename it Sleepless Hell.

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