Dishonest Reporting by the BBC

In my morning wanderings around the Net I came across a BBC Magazine piece looking at two people in Kentucky. Kentucky per the headline is one of the “sickest states” in the country. I imagine the status is bestowed secondary to the 14.4 % estimated population without insurance.

Anyway the two comparatives were two married w/ family types. One white,one black.

The white guy married with a couple of kids. It hints he is employed and that he has a pre-existing condition. He carries a catastrophic policy for under $300. / month. He is the anti-ACA in the piece secondary to the new policy he is being forced to get is at least $600./month. Ironically he is not portrayed as being a beneficiary of the pre-existing conditions clause.

Guy #2 is a black guy with 5 kids in the family. He has a pre-existing condition of asthma that is hinted at what clinically would be called uncontrolled. He is pro-ACA especially secondary to the pre-existing conditions clause.

My charges of dishonesty are as follows:

The demographics seem forced and stereotypical. The white guy gets a very TPM/conservative dig in about being forced to do something by the government. I found the editing on that to be evil in its intent. The black guy visually is not on the better end of the economic spectrum. This is real life stuff in many ways but there seems to be something amiss about this in the piece. I couldn’t help but scream at the screen that this guy is clearly eligible for Medicaid ! This clarion point is a huge reality in many of the states which have high uninsured persons. The bulk of these folks are heading to the Medicaid rolls NOT the exchanges.

Anyway if you want to watch it here it is