Seymour Hersh…still a dersh-bag

From the Guardian

I don’t like Mr. Hersh that is one solid and eternal truth. After reading the piece at the Guardian nothing changed other than I at least marginally respect the guys consistency factor.  In truth the entire entry is little more than a shill piece for his coming new tome that will only solidify his legacy. Hersh calls for journalists to take up the cause and rock the world. His narrative is seductive except where it falls short of realizing truth doesn’t come with an agenda. Seymour Hersh isn’t and never has been about truth,he is and always will be about an agenda. Although Hersh makes it a point to say the media has been super soft and compliant with Obama he seems to fall short of realizing the problem goes back to even his happy days. He hints that over reliance on source materials (paper) has crippled the kind of journalism we need. He wants editors fired and replaced by “folks you can’t control”. Again and again his cover is thin.

His Legacy?

Yes, Seymour Hersh has a legacy and it is quite frankly nothing he and his should be happy about,but they will aloofly celebrate it just the same. The fact is Hersh is a shell of a man hanging in the shadows crying,screeching and ranting to anyone who’ll listen. Much like the schizophrenic one passes at the subway station every morning Hersh is generally ignored by the masses even though folks hear him.