F@#$ing right wing nut jobs strike again and the left is no better…

wasteI’m not linking shit on this one. I just have to say that the press,pundits and putzes that are moaning about the Lawrenceville School changing there historic intramural football program from real football to touch are a bunch of total douchebags. I also want to say that the pussies eliminating fully equipped full contact football are equally insane.

Ultimately though my biggest problem lies with the Right. How the fuck is the average working man supposed to relate to this? Headlines of “wussification of America” seems totally surreal when you realize we’re talking a school with 2013/2014 tuition over 55 thousand dollars with a reported cost of 70k being the real number.



  1. jonolan says:

    So the average American man is so different from the wealthy that they can’t relate to the sissification of a traditional school sport? Are you saying that the “classes” are so disparate that wealthy men aren’t men any longer and nothing in common with the less paid?

  2. Alfie says:

    Perhaps I should ave provided links after all? Bottomline this story has been flogged primarily due to Jay Carney having attended the school.
    Ultimately I do not believe this story is being run for any reason that matters to the serfs.

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