Valley Viewpoints on the News # 1

So there are a few stories that were popular this week and loads of others that failed to reach the masses. Here are my takes on some of those:

Syria chemical weapons attack etc.: I am torn on how much of this one I believe. I remedy this by standing firm on the belief nobody but Syrians need be involved in their civil war. The truest bad thing happening with this whole thing is the outside players. The USA,Russia,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Israel,Iran and Turkey are all very guilty and should bear most of the criticism. They won’t though for the narrative has a credible whipping boy in Bashar Assad.

President Obama has painted himself in a corner he need not have but he possibly spun out. Ultimately Obama’s foreign policy agenda is asunder and the USA has continued its downward spiral.

Fast food strike: The only strike concerning fast food America needs is having us fatties stop eating the shit up. As for the market driven wages paid to the peons I am unmoved. McJobs are what they are and serve a much needed purpose in our overall economy as well as the economies elsewhere. Staying with the USA and specifically the metropolitan areas fast food is a sad reality and the jobs a positive reality. That somehow these jobs in many cases have become staple jobs is the negative we should focus on. Making fast food joints or piss ant Mom & Pops pay a “living wage” is not the answer our economy needs. The left and right dogmatics on this issue have it wrong in my view. Starter jobs need to exist. That our economy,education system and ultimately our populace can’t perpetuate this is the fault.

VMA & Miley& twerking: Who the fuck CARES????