A great example of what is wrong in America

This one has two parts to it.

#1 Who the f#$% names their newborn Messiah ?????? Are you freaking kidding me? In 2012 it was the number four “fastest rising” name per the SSA.

#2 A judge has ordered the childs name changed.

The primary driver for this post is the story out of TN. Seriously folks I just don’t know anymore.



  1. jonolan says:

    And cue the race-baiting grievance-mongers since the parties involved are Blacks and Blacks have a long and storied history of giving their offspring freaking odd as hell names, mostly due to cultural artifacts from the African tribes they descended from.

    But yeah, this is fucked no matter how you look at it. Naming your child a title is wacked AND a judge, irrespective of their reasons, to say that a parent can’t do so are both so far out of line as to be mind boggling.

  2. Victoria says:

    Having worked in academics and in pediatric medicine I have seen a myriad of names which have tortured the children as they have grown. I firmly believe that like New Zealand (where Messiah is not allowed, in fact they have a whole list of restricted names), the US should do something about the monikers given to children. Case in point – before the state stepped in and took custody of twin girls, which were in a neo-natal unit at an area hospital where I worked, the drug addled mother named them Clitoris and Cocaine. Their birth certificates, already registered, can NEVER be altered (state law), so even if the state were to allow a legal name change, their original names will haunt them forever as their birth certificates are carved in stone. When these infants became school age, their birth certificates had to be presented, when they apply for working papers or a drivers license at 16, their birth certificates will have to be presented. When they fall in love and get married, they will have to present a birth certificate and their marriage licenses will indicate their original names. So really, some may call it personal freedom, but when it comes to screwing up the life of a child – well something as small as can’t call your little girl Clitoris (or little boy, Messiah) – yep, I am okay with that!

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