Quick Views 7/20/2013


Some quick takes on the stories running though the Valley:

Zimmerman verdict: Pretty much the one I thought would come so there is little shock there. I am also not surprised by the response by the usual suspects. I am (although I shouldn’t be) surprised by Obama presidential pulpit pandering and stupidity. The guy is a terrible POTUS. Martin is in the grave and this story should be in our collective rear view mirror not under our collective microscope. This case isn’t now or ever was or will be a foundational component of Americas discussion on race,racism and rights.

IRS Scandal: This story is spawning new forms as folks try to definitively tie the Oval to it. The math seems pretty clear that right of centers got the special sauce in a vastly disproportionate manner. My position on this matter has been solid and simple from day one. The big problem here isn’t the screening and scrutiny. The problem is the 501 concept period.

Immigration reform: I have a post in the drafts folder on this. Let me just give you the title of that one to cover this point here and now. The immigration reform thing is a lie.



  1. eltigre100 says:

    “The big problem here isn’t the screening and scrutiny. The problem is the 501 concept period.”


    Those are not mutually exclusive.

    What the clear abuse of power demonstrates is troubling regardless of how feel about 501s.

  2. stefi says:

    Actually, I think America does need a discussion on race and racism, which begins with asking why is black America still subsidised by white America? And why black America still persists on blaming white America for black poverty, unemployment, underachievement, ignorance, criminality, obesity, drug abuse, morbidity, laziness and financial dependency? Because, seemingly, the two biggest disservices white America did black America was abolishing slavery and creating the welfare system!

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