Procrastination is a bitch #1

So I am one of a number of folks who had been looking at refinancing the humble abode. I got really really close and in terms of political irony I found that my mortgage had been gobbled up by the gub’mint and making me eligible (barely) for a no cost program.

The closeness came solely due to a previous bank taking the lazy route and failing to discharge a lien during a previous refi. Its one of those things you may take for granted and it amazed me no other financial institutions cared but I can tell you here and now that checking the court/deeds office records is indeed well within your interest. Alas a bank (BoA) that absorbed the offending party (Fleet) stepped up and discharged it after some frustrating paperwork procedures

Now I am stuck with the not so bad rate I had and positive equity etc as rates have climbed in the past few weeks. I could’ve been more aggressive that is for sure and even though there were circumstances I failed to have control over at work.

So Alfie’s helpful hints today are:

Check your property records.

Keep good records. (had that going for me)

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you should really probably do today.