Walk like an Egyptian???


I don’t think many of us are up for such a thing.

I accept and respect the sovereignty of nations and people,I haven’t said it here in a while but Sovereignty Matters. That said though I don’t have the warm and fuzzies going for me regards the Egyptian political drama playing out. Like it or not the MB and Morsi were duly elected and jettisoning them after 12 months doesn’t bode well for fledgling democracies. The MB is now returned to its true position of power,outraged jilted opposition.

Ultimately the Egyptians will pay and play the cards they deal themselves and I guess that’s the best we as outsiders can hope for. I will echo the warning chatter regards military aid and its worth. I will also repeat that Obama should shut up and accept he is nothing in this equation.

In a world of spheres Egypt reveals an excellent primer. The USA is not well connected to this and where it is it is misplaced. The region is having a new fit of change,this is undeniable. Other international players are better positioned to cause change and impact the outcomes of the are and Egypt specifically. Egypt itself needs to declare its desires and others need to respect that.




  1. Rutherford says:

    Netanyahu this weekend didn’t have particularly nice things to say about Morsi. He was very restrained in his assessment. That surprised me a bit because I thought one of the things Morsi did right in the past 12 months was maintain a respect towards Israel. Am I wrong on that?

  2. Alfie says:

    its my understanding he did indeed walk a line with Israel. He had stepped up security in the Sinai and had some positive overtures but he also wanted to see some openings for trade and stuff regards Gaza.
    I dont know how things wouldve likely played out for a full term Morsi

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