ValleyViewpoints now 99% NSA free….

On another blog I enjoy interacting on an incident occurred where someone threw the “contact authorities” grenade. This was posed as very much an internet kind of thing. Well there was some fallout and it quite possibly is going to cost the blog an excellent commenter (no not me).

The limited security I have in place at this little piece of e real estate is real enough and has been beneficial in the past for following up on folks who left messages and even put forth some stuff on the web that involved me. Examples include:

I found a person who opened a forum calling me a liar. This was about a post  I did on Nancy Pelosi and Syria some time ago. Well I found the people. I didn’t do anything about other than posting my opinion.

After not approving a racist tinged comment my curiosity got the better of me and I used what was available to find the commenter. Turned out to be a real Stormfront type who was listing my site as an example of how one can post on the web using certain words,safer words but still get your Nazi Klan fucktard message out there. I laughed since he didn’t get his wish and I was able to squash a few folks who came via a link the moron created.

I used what I have available to really research one commenter,once. I was shocked by where the ISP was based and the overall content of the poster. I followed him a bit and assured myself that if he ever got really crazy at least I knew of a course of action,that action being building enough blocks to ban him which did indeed happen.

I found a mirror site out of Turkey once. I was shocked. Somehow they got everything the site offered but somehow they managed to put in ads and WordPress had no recourse,it was bizarre.

Anyway the long and short of is this. As policy I will block people from commenting and will delete links and comments. I will pursue information that concerns me to ends I can. I will not threaten or publish information about others. I also will not allow others to do so.



  1. Rutherford says:

    All I can say is heaven help me.

  2. Raji says:

    Rutherford, bartenders have a rough job 😉

  3. Alfie says:

    I plead guilty to bad blogging or at least title choice. This one kind of non-applicable given the post content.
    I should’ve put in something that although I by no means condone NSA actions I don’t find it likely we the little non hot spot transmitting peons are likely to be looked at.
    I should’ve stressed the S.W.A.T. ing aspect a bit more and how silly and dangerous it is.
    I have also veiled a basic reality to my own piece of “e” real estate which is indeed hinted at in the About pages. I do eventually get around to “knowing” those that stop by. Some much more than others. I pride myself on not disclosing information. I find it almost a duty to run things here the way I do. Moderation isn’t draconian fascist censorship but a necessary part of ownership of a forum that looks to foster discourse.
    There is a line and I hope to walk it well and still allow people to feel secure in their chosen identity and commentary.
    Long stroy short….sorry for a silly title and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Rutherford says:

    LOL Raji, I thought it was tough when they were just getting drunk. I never thought a threat of a police raid on the place would clear it out so fast. 🙂

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