The Cooper Chronicles: “My nads Alfie,they took my nads….”

Cooper has joined the neutered masses and is recovering nicely.

The topic of spay/neuter is one with quite a following and is also loaded with a lot of noise. Lies and nonsense flows on both sides of the issue and ultimately I hope people just take a fresh and responsible take on pet ownership.

We waited 12 months as we personally found the hormone development concept vastly credible. In comparing Coops to a number of others who were altered at a young age there seems to be empirical truths to it ,for instance Cooper is more breed standard in his measurements. I have seen a number of Labs who have inordinately long legs.

A wandering dog can be a problem. The HEAT drives you crazy but still this could be addressed by better ownership practices. Sadly we humans tire of our pets even in cases of devotion. We simply slip up all too often and look to breed characteristics or lame excuses like “he/she wasn’t fixed,it happens” to cover our transgressions.

So Cooper is now Sex:N but he is still all dog.